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[Kdrama] ‘Marry Him If You Dare’ episode 1-4 ~ opinion ~

Compared with the other currently airing dramas, ‘Marry him if you dare’ has really low ratings, however I normally don’t judge a drama by its ratings but by the actors and the production staff, I started to watch this drama…. despise my skepticism when it comes to Yoon Eun Hye – I mean come on, […]

[Kdrama] ‘Secret’ ep 1-10 & ‘Reply 1994’ ep 1-3 ~ opinion ~

I have decided, I’m quitting recapping dramas  – for now –  Unfortunately my school work is starting to pile up, and since recapping one episode takes hours, I think quitting for a while is the best choice. For now I want to drive this blog to its origins, meaning writing opinions regarding a drama/episode; after […]

[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 6 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Lovely! To be honest I started “Passionate Love” because I’m a Shim Ji Ho fan and didn’t actually thought that I will come to really (like really) like the story and its characters. Although it has all the ingredients and is until its core a makjang, I like it. For now, I’m curious on how […]

[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 5 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m sorry for the much delayed recap, unfortunately school, exams, life piled up so I had to first take care of those stuff. The story was kind of fast forwarded in this episode, however it was a good thing, after all it would’ve become way too dragged if they wouldn’t have fast forwarded. Too bad […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m starting to dislike the main couple, they break up in every episode…it’s only the 3rd episode, are they going to do so for all the 50 episodes of this drama. Even among all those break ups of the main couple, I still had hope they’ll end up together, however, I sense that the writer […]

[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is more a “now that Suzy has a dating scandal, let’s make Soohyun the Nations’ first love” – I’m kidding…..!! No, but they put a lot of useless scenes with her, when that time could’ve been used with like…..Yoo Jung and Soo Hyuk. I understand Yoo Rim is supposed to be Moo Yeol’s […]

[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Waa! The two brothers, Soo Hyuk and Moo Yeol, meet although only Soo Hyuk knows that they are brothers.  As for Soo Hyuk’s mother, she has the same mental problems as Dok Hee from “I summon you gold”, telling her son that all the things she does are for him, when in fact it’s for […]