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[Kdrama] Looking forward of weekend family dramas list (autumn 2015)

I think I already proved my love for weekend family dramas more than once. No matter how cheesy others may think of these dramas or how mediocre some plots may be, I’m enjoying them. The stories have comedy, romance, action (not always) but lately most turned to be makjang. The big idea with family dramas […]

[Kvariety] ‘Roommate’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I recently started watching the new variety (?) show “Roommate” where they put 11 celebrities to live together. Because most people I follow on tumblr, twitter and so on kept talking about it, I watched it …. Another reason is because I didn’t want to start a new drama. Anyhow, since lots of people were […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 4&5 ~ quick recap/opinion ~

Even after watching these two episodes I still think that Mi Joo’s reasoning of breaking up with Jae Min is plain stupid. The guy was running around to get a job so he can support Mi Joo financially after their marriage but nope, she once again thinks that him being late to meet up was […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m starting to dislike the main couple, they break up in every episode…it’s only the 3rd episode, are they going to do so for all the 50 episodes of this drama. Even among all those break ups of the main couple, I still had hope they’ll end up together, however, I sense that the writer […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

It doesn’t seem like this was only the second episode, it seemed more like it was the 10th episode; for now the writer knows how to blend everything and the acting its definitely great. My only problem so far is Jae Min second sister, Yoo Ra. She keeps acting like a brat thinking that her […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Before actually starting the recap, I have to say that just from the first episode, I already LOVE this drama – yeah yeah, I may rush, but whatever I love it! To make it clear from the beginning, Jae Min and Mi Joo are already a couple – as how most of the dramas use […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official stills & translated characters chart

There are some behind the scenes on the MBC  ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official site, I can’t post them here but anyone can check them on the MBC site – no registration needed. A small request: If someone wants to use the characters chart, please do not delete my watermark.

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ press conference

As you all know “I summon you Gold” ended last weekend – a rather disappointing ending, however, on the 28th September, “Will You Love and Give It Away?”, another 50 episodes family drama will take its place. Plot:  The story is about an older married couple at their second marriage and their grown up children […]

[Kdrama] Anticipated kdramas of May 2012

I made a list of my most anticipated dramas of May 2012. Honestly, I feel that some awesome dramas are coming our way. Goodbye Dear Wife –  May 7  A romantic comedy drama about a thoughtless husband who dreams of reuniting with his first lover and a wife who gets confused as her long time […]