[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Awkward moment – I never know how to start a recap post for a first episode of a drama. Blank….

From what I saw, “Passionate Love” will definitely be a true makjang, it has everything: the father who is at fault for destroying the life of his children because of his greed, the company that everyone wants, the character with a shocking disease, shocking birth secret, the brothers failing in love with the same girl, yes as you all see, it has everything what a makjang drama should have.

The recap:

During the anniversary ceremony of Yang Tae Shin’s company, while he was saying his speech introducing Kang Moon Do as the next in charge of the company, a man enters raging in the hall saying that because of Moon Do his company went bankrupt.  Moon Do tells the security to take the man out, but at that time Kang Moo Yeol appears and tries to calm the man. However the man still gets dragged out of the hall by the security.

After the ceremony, Moon Do tells the man to sign some papers in which he agrees not to disturb them anymore, but the man refuses. The man continues to make a fuss in the hallway calling Moon Do a thief. At the same time Moo Yeol appears and takes the side of the man and tells his father that if he won’t help the man, he will take the man to his grandfather. The father gets irritated and slaps Moo Yeol, fortunately Tae Shin sees the scene and shouts at Moon Do for stepping on poor people so that he could make money. After that, the grandfather tells his secretary to bring the man to his office.

Next, we are being introduced to Han Yoo Jung’s family. Her father seems to have worked with Tae Shin in the past and he was returning from the anniversary ceremony. We also get to meet Yoo Jung’s older sister, Yoo Rim who is currently studying veterinary medicine at University so that later she can help her father with the animals.

Moo Yeol gets into a fight with students from another high school. During the fight, Moo Yeol scratches the side of his belly on a pipe. After the fight, his classmate brings Moo Yeol a bottle of soju to put on his wound.

When Moo Yeol returns home, he meets his father at the gate. Seeing his son full of bruises and smelling of alcohol, Moon Do shouts as Moo Yeol for his attitude and starts to criticize him for everything he does. Because of the shouting, the other family members come into the living room.

Moo Yeol: If you don’t like me, just hit me. I’d prefer that.

Returning to his room, Moo Yeol remembers about the time when he found a DNA test in Moon Do’s office. Later the father does try to go and talk with Moo Yeol, however he gives up fast.

We also get to find out that Moon Do had a son, Hong Soo Hyuk (who seems to be the same age as Moo Yeol) together with his mistress, Hong Nan Cho.  Soo Hyuk tries to convince his mother to be independent from Moon Do and move overseas.  Nan Cho tells Soo Hyuk that he should wait a little more for his father, because after Moon Do will take over Tae Shin’s company, he will return to them. After dinner, Nan Cho takes Soo Hyuk to the company and tells him that in a while that company will be his.  Despite his mother’s wish, Soo Hyuk wants to live like a normal person and not as the son of a mistress.

Another day, Moo Yeol who was supposed to meet his uncle who teaches at the same University Yoo Rim is a student at. While he was waiting for his uncle, Moo Yeol saves Yoo Rim from getting into a –minor- accident. Because of the bump, Moo Yeol’s scratch from the pipe opens, Yoo Rim sees the blood from his shirt and offers to treat him as a ‘thank you’ for saving her.  Next, there’s an awkward scene between the two while Yoo Rim treats his wound. The atmosphere gets even more awkward when Moo Yeol tells her that she is the only girl, except from his mother, who saw him undressed.

The two return to the campus’ yard. Yoo Rim formally introduces herself, but Moo Yeol lies to her saying that he is a student as well, when actually he is still a high school student. Because he had to leave, Moo Yeol asks for her phone number.

Moo Yeol goes to have lunch with his uncle, Yoo Min Soo – who is the boyfriend of his aunt, Yang HyeSook (the younger sister of his mother). Moo Yeol notices that his mother told Min Soo to have a talk with him, since Moo Yeol can’t have a father-son talk with Moon Do. During lunch, because Moo Yeol tells his uncle that he is jealous of his uncle who seems to enjoy his work, Min Soo comforts Moo Yeol, saying that other people don’t know what they want to do/work their whole life, therefore he shouldn’t worry either, and just try to do different things until he will find what he will like to do.

Tae Shin receives an envelope with picture of Moon Do together with Soo Hyuk and Nan Cho. Seeing the picture, the grandfather tells his secretary to investigate more about it.

Moon Do receives a call from Nan Cho, telling him that Soo Hyuk is in the hospital. At the hospital, Nan Cho tells Moon Do that she regrets living as his mistress, because that kind of life affects Soo Hyuk. Moon Do tells her that she and Soo Hyuk should wait for a while until he can get the company from Tae Shin so that they can live as a family.

Another day, Moon Do stay with his son and mistress, while his wife was worrying if he ate breakfast thinking that her husband is working hard for the company. However, Tae Shin finds out that Moon Do spend the night at his mistress.

Later, the company’s lawyer tells Moon Do that Tae Shin stopped the stock transfer. While hearing the news from the lawyer, Moon Do remembers that in the past Tae Shin told him to go to prison in his place and that if he does what Tae Shin tells him, he will get the company in the end.


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