[Kdrama] ‘Secret’ ep 1-10 & ‘Reply 1994’ ep 1-3 ~ opinion ~

I have decided, I’m quitting recapping dramas  – for now –  Unfortunately my school work is starting to pile up, and since recapping one episode takes hours, I think quitting for a while is the best choice. For now I want to drive this blog to its origins, meaning writing opinions regarding a drama/episode; after all I did start this blog mainly to post my opinions.

To start my first impression post regarding currently airing Korean dramas, I have to say that the drama ‘Secret’ is my favorite one out of this season – or at least so far so good. The story, well, we did see it in most 2004-2007 dramas, and somehow I kind of have a hunch on how it will end, however I’m trying to put aside the thoughts about the ending of this show, and enjoy every episode as it is.

As I said, the story is the typical revenge Korean drama, with the main male lead character Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) trying to get revenge on Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) who he thinks that she killed his pregnant girlfriend in a hit-and-run accident. But what Min Hyuk doesn’t know is that the real criminal is An Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin), Yoo Jung’s boyfriend. Yoo Jung out of love and wanting to protect Do Hoon’s future career as a prosecutor, she decided it’s the best choice to take the blame on her and go to jail in Do Hoon’s place.

During the story’s progress, while tormenting Yoo Jung’s as his plan of revenge, Min Hyuk start to have feelings for her, he also starts intuiting that she may not be the real killer of his girlfriend and that she is trying to shelter Do Hoon.  Meanwhile, feeling Min Hyuk tightening the chain around him, Do Hoon tries to delete everything that may reveal him being the real killer of the hit-and-run and not Yoo Jung.

The is another character to whom I try not to give much importance, Shin Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee) – Min Hyuk’s childhood friend and future wife (aka their marriage is a business transaction between their families). With the help of Do Hoon, Se Yeon tries to get Min Hyuk attention thinking that if she appears with Do Hoon, Min Hyuk will get jealous and give her (some) attention.

To be honest, although Min Hyuk thinks of Se Yeon as his friend, the way he gets all heated up when he sees her with Do Hoon isn’t actually on the ‘friendship level’, ‘kids of rich people who lick each other’s wounds level’ nor the recent intuitions of Min Hyuk regarding Do Hoon.

Although, Min Hyuk is starting to have feelings for Yoo Jung, somehow I don’t think those are love related feelings but more like he feels the need to protect her, now that he is close to finding the truth that Yoo Jung isn’t the real killer of his former girlfriend. Also, I doubt that he thinks of Se Yeon just as his friend.  I hope I’m mistaken, and Min Hyuk has (love) feelings for Yoo Jung since she deserves someone to care and protect her. By the way,Yoo Jung truly amazes me, working so hard and being so forgiving, even for Korean dramas, she’s on a whole new ‘I’m a nice person’ level.

My second favorite drama of this season is Reply 1994. Yes it is similar to Reply 1997, it gives the same feeling but it’s still different in many ways.

Going to be honest here, I was really skeptical when I found out that Go Ara will be the main female lead, I mean let’s face it, she didn’t had any outstanding project nor acting skills, or so thought. However contrary to my believes, Go Ara did and is still doing a good job with her character – I suppose she just needed a good script and director to get out what’s good of her acting. As expected, you need a good and talented production staff to bring out the best of the actors.

The same as the first season(?) of Reply, this one also has the ‘guess who will become her husband’ by showing all the male characters around her in the present time, year 2013.

Sseureki is a strong candidate for the role of her husband because although, in the first episode, Na Jung (Go Ara) and Sseureki (Jung Woo) were shown as siblings thing that made me a little disappointed, however in the second episode, the writer gives us a shock revealing that the two aren’t actually blood related siblings.

My favorite thing about ‘Reply 1994’ is the comfortable aura flowing around Na Jung and SSeureki, but I’m also finding myself cheering for Chilbongi who is starting to nourish feelings for Na Jung.

Even if others say that ‘Reply 1994’ doesn’t live up to ‘Reply 1997’ I think that although there may be similarities between the stories and concept, both dramas have their own flavour. Yes, so far I like the progress of Reply 1994.

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