[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 6 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


To be honest I started “Passionate Love” because I’m a Shim Ji Ho fan and didn’t actually thought that I will come to really (like really) like the story and its characters. Although it has all the ingredients and is until its core a makjang, I like it.

For now, I’m curious on how Moo Yeol and Soo Hyuk will develop their brother relationship, if there will be any, since Soo Hyuk may become a crazy lunatic psychopath – after all he has a mother like Nan Cho… Hope the writer will give Soo Hyuk the same road Hyun Joon from ‘I summon you Gold’ had, if not, well, we we’ll have a LONG road of heartbreaking moments because of him.

The recap:

Eun Sook goes to pick up Moo Yeol, who studied abroad for 3 years, from the airport; at the same time Nan Cho goes to pick up Moon Do who was returning after a business trip. On the road, the driver of Moon Do’s car bumps into the taxi Eun Sook and Moo Yeol were in.  The mother and son goes to take another taxi, however, when they passed by Moon Do’s car, Nan Cho sees them and tries to take Moon Do’s attention from the window so that he won’t notice the two.

Soo Hyuk finds out that one of their former employees published a book about the dark secrets behind the company, and immediately contacts Moon Do to inform him about the book.

Returned home, and after a warm welcome back from his grandmother, aunt and uncle, Moo Yeol tells his grandmother that he plans to buy a farm and start from there like his grandfather did in the past. After a mother-son conversation, Moon Yeol takes out a note he received from Yoo Rim in the past where she wrote him some cheering up words.

Moo Yeol: I’ve been able to come this far because you were with me.

When Soo Hyuk comes back from the company, Nan Cho asks him why Moon Do didn’t return as well – the son tells her that Moon Do had some stuff to do at the company, but Nan Cho starts thinking that Moon Do may have seen Moo Yeol and Eun Sook during the afternoon, and now he is searching for them.

In his room, Soo Hyuk remembers the day when he and his mother moved into the house, then he calls Yoo Jung and asks her to have lunch with her the next day. After the phone conversation with Soo Hyuk, the owner of the farm (current owner of Yoo Jung father’s farm) enters Yoo Jung’s room and tells her that because he doesn’t make profit with the farm he may have to sell it.

The next day, after visiting Eun Sook’s workplace, because it was Yoo Rim’s death anniversary Moo Yeol goes to the place where she is resting.  On his way back, someone bumps into Moo Yeol and splits a drink on his shirt, he goes to a public bathroom to change his shirt, however, Yoo Jung was in the bathroom and when she sees him half naked (aka some fan service for the female viewers) she starts shouting calling him a pervert.  Shocked, Moo Yeol runs outside, still half naked (thank you PD nim), but sees that the sign says the bathroom was for men. Yoo Jung’s comes after him as well, and continues to call him a pervert, when Moo Yeol shows her the sign, he starts acting like she received an important phone call and had to leave, but before getting a chance to leave, her phone rings. Because she couldn’t explain herself, Yoo Jung decides to run away.

During the shareholders meeting, some were asking about Moo Yeol since Tae Shin’s wish was to give the company to Moo Yeol. After the meeting, to make the shareholders shut up, Moon Do tells his helper to find Moo Yeol and give him a work position at the company. Moon Do also thinks of buying Cho Won Farm ( Yoo Jung father’s farm which was build by her father and Te Shin, that now has a different owner) to make a memorial place for Tae Shin – just to make himself look good in the eyes of the shareholders. Nan Cho finds out about Moon Do’s wish to look for Moo Yeol, and she asks Moon Do’s helper to postpone the search for Moo Yeol for a few days.

Yoo Jung meets up with Soo Hyuk. She tells her about her worries regarding what the current owner of the farm told her, that he may have to sell the farm again. After the talk about the farm, Soo Hyuk asks Yoo Jung if she remembers the day when he was crying in the rain outside the academy.

Soo Hyuk: You don’t know how comforting it was that you put an umbrella over me that day.

He also tells Yoo Jung that she is a very special person to him, but Yoo Jung friend-zones him telling Soo Hyuk that he is also an important person for her……………like an older brother.

Moon Do tells Soo Hyuk to find more about Cho Won Farm because he is interested in buying it. Soo Hyuk sees that is Yoo Jung’s farm, and asks his father what he plans on doing with it – Moon Do tells him that he plans to demolish everything and build a memorial place for Tae Shin.

Nan Cho goes to Eun Sook’s bakery (by the way, it’s the Bread Dude’s bakery from ‘You are the best Lee Soon Shin), and acts as if it was a coincidence. Nan Cho has an arrogant attitude towards Eun Sook, however, Eun Sook keeps her head up and pretty much throws Nan Cho out of her bakery.

Tae Yang (I think he is the son of the current owner of the farm) asks Yoo Jung to help with break up with his girlfriend by pretending that she is his pregnant wife. While doing their act, Moo Yeol and his uncle come to visit the farm with the thought of buying it. After the –funny- scene with Yoo Jung and Tae Yang, Yoo Jung has to Soo Hyuk around the farm.

Nan Cho keeps forcing Soo Hyuk to think that he has to inherit the company. Nan Cho tells him that no matter what, she has to make him the owner. After thinking for a while in the garden, Soo Hyuk calls Yoo Jung and tells her not to be too sad if the farm will disappear even though she has a lot of memories there, instead he tell her that he will create new memories for her.

Because Yoo Jung doesn’t know about Moon Do’s plan of buying the farm and demolishing it, she just thinks that Soo Hyuk is rather strange that day.

Soo Hyuk: I know how precious (the farm) it is but I can’t protect it for you.

Next day, Soo Hyuk and Moon Do go to buy the farm; however, minutes before their arrival, Moo Yeol signed the papers and bought it.

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  1. Thanks for the recaps I hate back episodes with kids so always try to read recaps instead of actually watching them so you saved me 5 hrs of time =] …

    Are you planning on recapping golden rainbow also?

    1. Thank you for reading~

      I want to watch Golden Rainbow but not sure it I will recap it, I’ll probably wait for more eps to see if I like it XD

  2. Thankz for the recap. How can I get the rest?

    1. Sorry, try on soompi forums maybe someone finished the recaps there.

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