[Kdrama] ‘Laughter in Waikiki’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion/review ~

The drama is way funnier than I expected. I’m not the type of viewer who can easily enjoy Korean comedy, but although the comedy and slapstick in this show is forced, I’m not bothered by it at all, in fact I enjoy the idiotic happenings of the characters.

Clearly the story will have a more serious tone after the drama will reach its halfway run, however, I personally haven’t laughed this much watching a drama in years…I think. The moments were quite stupidly entertaining.

When I first found out about Laughter in Waikiki, I was skeptical about Kim Jung Hyun’s casting. Not that I don’t find him to be a good actor, just that I found it hard to believe that he’ll do a proper job in a more comedic role, since I did find him stiff at times in School. Again, not calling him a bad actor. Interesting enough, I enjoy his parts the most. Even so, I think that out of the three boys, Lee Yi Kyung’s acting is the best.

As for the girls, I had a crush on Go Won Hee since I saw her in The Greatest Deliveryman. She’s doing ok in a comedy role, which makes me think that this role will actually help her develop more as an actress. Jung In Sun and Lee Joo Woo on the other hand, are good but seem green? I don’t remember seeing them in other projects, even if I did, they obviously didn’t have any impact on me, but after the first two episodes, both are growing on me. Well, I do find Lee Joo Woo’s acting a bit toned down and very second female lead that is quite kdramaesque. But that might be just because of her character.

I can see why others may not like the drama. As I said, while I do enjoy the comedy aspect, I think that the story is a bit all over the place. And the first two episodes weren’t anything like a set-up into the story, but more like the viewer is thrown into it without proper explanation. Things happen fast and everything revolves around gags. For now, the comedy is the strongest point and at the same time the weakest one that can make views turn away from Laughter in Waikiki. Episode three and four will be the decisive point which can make the viewers stay or run away, because, let’s be honest, the constant slapsticks can become bothersome. The characters can easily attract in the viewers, they are all likable so the writers need to be careful with how they will handle things in the following episodes.

Anyways, at this point, I think Laughter in Waikiki is a good show. Fun and full of laughter that can make you forget about your daily problems. Either you watch it at night, or in the morning, this drama has the power to make you relax.


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  1. I love this drama .It’s so interesting and all the actors are funny 😍😍😍

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