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[Jmovie] ‘Seven Days’ Monday-Thursday & Friday-Sunday ~ review/impression/opinion ~

Anyone who doesn’t like BL, yaoi, gay or whatever you call two dudes being in love like any other human being, then don’t watch the movie nor read this post. As I mentioned a lot of times, I’m not the type of person who reads mangas, but from time to time I do read some […]

[Jmovie] ‘Initiation Love’ ~ review/impression/opinion ~

A movie talking about the main character’s first love, not a subject that will catch my attention at all but being free from finals required that I should watch some movies. I randomly clicked on this movie because the poster looked interesting, even though I’m not a fan of Matsuda Shota’s acting.

[Kmovie] Soori’s movie date with Lee Min Ki “Very Ordinary Couple” ~ review/impression/opinion ~

This week’s movie is “Very ordinary couple” starring Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee. After watching it I can gladly recommend it to those who are in for a movie even though you may not be a Lee Min Ki or Kim Min Hee fan. Although the first half of the movie is portrayed […]

[Jmovie] Soori’s movie date “How to date an otaku girl” ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I’m on a roll lately with watching dramas, movies and tv shows and I was thinking that maybe I should post at least once a week about movies, be it Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai and so on. However I’m not sure if I can actually post about a movie once a week since I’m more […]

[Jmovie] ‘The Great Passage’ ~ review/opinion/ ~

I don’t know if I should recommend this movie or not, I liked it however something was missing from the whole movie’s composition.  Somehow, I feel like it took me forever to finish ‘The Great Passage’, it had so many unnecessary moments which if the director were to leave aside, the movies could’ve been way […]

[TWmovie] ‘Hear Me’ 听说 ~ review/opinion/recommendation ~

Such a beautiful movie. “Love and dreams are miraculous. They don’t need to be heard, to be said, or translated.” This movie is the perfect example of – you don’t need words to tell a good story. Although the plot doesn’t have any major events or life-turning points for the characters, the story still succeeds […]