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[Jdrama] ‘Quartet 2017’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

TBS keeps coming out with good dramas giving me a hard time because I don’t have enough time to watch each one of them. Among the well made dramas, they also gave us Quartet 2017. The show follows Maki, Suzume, Iemori and Beppu after the four form a quartet and end up living together. As […]

[Jdrama] ‘3 Nin No Papa’ ep 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

“3 nin no papa” or in English ‘3 fathers’ is exactly how the titles says, a drama about 3 guys taking care of a kid. Taking care is rather too much to say when in fact the 3 friends, Takuto, Kyohei and Hajime face the reality of having a child in their house.

[Jdrama] Winter dramas I’m currently watching ~ review/opinion

Lately I have watched a bunch of Japanese dramas and I noticed a growing trend nowadays. A common topic among Japanese dramas is girls who can’t get married or younger guy older girl romance. Most of the times, the stories don’t offer in depth details and just focus on the story’s surface. Surprisingly, this season […]

What I’m currently watching

Finally writing something for my blog. I think because I let everything I want to say about dramas on my twitter, I get lazy when I have to actually write a whole post for the blog. Anyway, in this post I will list out everything I watch, be it Korean dramas, variety shows or any […]

[Jdrama] ‘Kounodori’ ep 1-10 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I never knew that giving birth and doctors from GYN could be interesting to watch. Moreover I never thought about Ayano Gou to be a good actor so for a while I ignored this dramas but I somehow started to watch it. Normally I’m not interested in medical dramas, I try some if actors I […]

[Jdrama] ‘From 5 to 9’ ep 1-3 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

For an idol drama, I actually like it mostly because the story is easy to follow. Despise the really annoying lead guy who just simply ignores our main lady’s feelings or opinions, the drama is quite fun. I like the flow and the progress of the story.

[Jdrama] ‘Siren!’ episode 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

At first, the drama may look like nothing much and pretty cheap. Actually the production looks like it doesn’t have potential but watching the first episode, Siren can be a gem. The acting isn’t exceptional, but still okay. Normally, Japanese actors tend to exaggerate a lot with the facial ‘acting’ but the actors in Siren […]