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[Jdrama] ‘Million Yen Women’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion~

‘Million Yen women’ it’s a drama that tries to freak you out, makes you fall in love with its characters and then tosses you around. Mishima Shin is a novelist with a small number of readers who wishes to see his work being read by more people. Does he want to sell more? No, he […]

[Jdrama] ‘Chanpon Tabetaka’ ~ 1-9 END review/impression/opinion~

“Chanpon tabetaka” is an emotional roller coaster disguised as a tea cup ride. An unexpectedly good show that captivates its viewers slowly but steadily.

[Jdrama] ‘CRISIS’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion~

Good thing I leave some dramas to marathon rather than watch when it airs. CRISIS is yet another good example of a show designed to marathon.  I find this one to be the normal detective type of drama. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from the action scenes which are better prepared […]

[Jdrama] ‘Kanna-san’ episode 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Lately I’ve been venturing myself into Japanese dramas more since Korean ones aren’t what I’m looking forward to at this moment and Thai dramas which I want to watch are rarely subbed. And although I wanted to finish my currently watch list, I thought it will be good to add another one.

[Jdrama] ‘Haikei, Minpaku-sama’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

  I think Arai acted well the pushover and introverted Kanta who always pursues his dreams. Although I saw some comments of people complaining that the main actor is ugly, don’t let such comment keep you away from a heart warming, well written show. He is an actor with a lot of power in his […]

[Jdrama] ‘Quartet 2017’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

TBS keeps coming out with good dramas giving me a hard time because I don’t have enough time to watch each one of them. Among the well made dramas, they also gave us Quartet 2017. The show follows Maki, Suzume, Iemori and Beppu after the four form a quartet and end up living together. As […]

[Jdrama] ‘3 Nin No Papa’ ep 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

“3 nin no papa” or in English ‘3 fathers’ is exactly how the titles says, a drama about 3 guys taking care of a kid. Taking care is rather too much to say when in fact the 3 friends, Takuto, Kyohei and Hajime face the reality of having a child in their house.