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[TWdrama] ‘Love, timeless’ ep 1-15 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion ~

Time travelling drama? we had that before, but how many characters are going  back to the past to change the present and for what purpose would they want to change it? “Love, Timeless” challenged the already much used time travelling theme once more but with a game of back and forth between the present and […]

[TWdrama] ‘Love, timeless’ ep 1-7 ~ midway impression/opinion ~

I’m confused. I don’t know why the story confuses me so much, either I’m utterly stupid (hopefully not) or the writer just made a mess with so many back and forth games. It took me quite a lot to get a hang of the characters, to understand them however even at this point I’m not […]

[TWdrama] ‘Lovestore at the Corner’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I had a rather shallow reason for watching this drama, and that reason is Alien Huang! (anyone else grow up with 100% Entertainment?) After all, if he wasn’t in this drama then I wouldn’t even care about it.

[TWdrama] ‘Rock‘n’Road’ episode 4-11 ~ impression/opinion ~

I’m liking this drama more and more. Apart from the beautiful writing of the dialogues, which are filled with subtle and quirky words, I totally love how each of the characters developed through every new episode.

[TWdrama] ‘Rock‘n’Road’ ep 1-3 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I liked what I’ve seen until now, however, I’m having a déjà-vu feeling whenever I watch this drama. The story is pleasing me so far. But there are some irritating characters; still without those characters we shouldn’t have the drama…. The story isn’t something complicated; in fact the characters make it complicated.

[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 11 ~ impression/opinion ~

This episode was great, they showed true friendship, standing up for something you believe in and what’s most important growing courage to stand up for yourself. After being graded in an unjust way, Jia En decides to protest for Xiao Wei against the professor in front of the faculty, however it felt like Jia En […]

[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 8-10 ~ impression/opinion ~

“In a good way” is still giving the viewer the nostalgic feeling. Although the whole story moved towards Bai Xue and her hard time dealing with the long one-side love on Liu Chuan, it still was a pleasant watch. Bai Xue is the second lead female, so maybe we were all expecting her to turn […]

[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 3-7 ~ impression/opinion ~

“In a good way” is such a pleasant watch, I think among all the dramas I’ve watched, this is the only drama that makes my watching time a pleasant one. The fact that there isn’t a negative character to mingle in the other’s characters life makes “In a good way” even better. I love the […]

[TWdrama] ‘In A Good Way’ ep 1-2 ~ quick recap/first impression/opinion ~

Hallelujah! And we have a winner! Finally a Taiwanese drama that makes me excited while waiting for new episodes. From scrip writing/story, acting, characters until the OST, I like everything about this drama. In this post, I will include a quick recap of the first two episodes so it will contain spoilers, therefore read it […]

[TWdrama] ‘Deja Vu’ ep 1-2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I don’t understand what’s happening with Taiwanese dramas. Taiwanese dramas used to be my guilty pleasure but this year’s dramas have been pretty tasteless. After the rather bad impression that this years’ dramas have left me, I wanted to give another chance to Taiwanese dramas, and opened ‘Deja-vu’.