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[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

With the growing ratings for the drama and even though I’m loving the cast and the comedy part of the show, I will be blunt about it, the show is pretty generic. Episode 3 and 4 did give us more insight of what’s behind the characters and their past stories but the overall story doesn’t […]

[Kdrama] K dramas I didn’t get to enjoy

I wanted to make a separate post for each drama however I noticed something, all of the following dramas I’m going to talk about were rather weak or just made me lose interest in their story really fast for various reasons.

[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

One of the dramas I was excited for, ‘She was pretty’, made its premiere this week and fortunately the show is full of hilarious moments for everyone to enjoy. Personally, I’m not a fan of childhood love stories, actually I’m sick of this kind of subject because Korea tends to overly use it (I mean, […]

[Kdrama] Looking forward Autumn season list (Sept-Nov 2015)

More and more dramas! That’s what I was waiting for considering that this summer wasn’t that exciting in terms of Korean dramas or at least I barely got to watch any even though I planned my summer to be something like: in the morning – dramas, at lunch – drams and for the night- dramas. […]

Lost the purpose of my blog….

Lately, I’ve felt that my blog has lost its initial purpose: talking about dramas, writing my annoyance with a character or my love for another however along the way I ended up wanting to write recaps. Kind of a joke to be honest since English isn’t my main language and as it can be seen […]

[Kdrama] ‘I have a lover’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Seeing her husband kissing the much younger Seol Ri, Hae Gang runs to the elevator but in front of the door she doesn’t say anything when she sees the two getting off. Before taking her leave, Hae Gang invites Seol Ri to come and eat with them. At the restaurant, the wife asks Seol Ri […]

[Kdrama] ‘I have a lover’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

At the laboratory, one of Jin Eon’s colleagues keeps complaining about dating and marriage and he tells the man to try dating because maybe afterwards he will marry someone, the colleague tells him that nothing is left if you marry out of love, or maybe resentment is the only thing that remains if someone marries […]