[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 32 ~recap/review/opinion~

Sang Tae’s mother seems reassured that her son doesn’t know yet about Mi Jung’s thought of accepting the marriage proposal if the elders will accept them as a couple. At the same time, at the taekwondo game, Sang Tae notices that Woo Young is hurt so he takes the boy to a nearby hospital. Back at the meeting between the two women, the mother continues to tell Mi Jung that she and her son shouldn’t marry because it will be hard to have a marriage where 5 children aren’t related by blood and where the other family members don’t agree with it.

Mi Jung understands what the mother says but she seems to love Sang Tae a lot more than she expected so she pleads his mother to approve of them.

At the hospital, because Woo Young seemed in pain, Sang Tae tells him to cry if he want to since it’s not good to hold it in. The boy remembers that his mother also told him that and asks if he is the one who told his mother about that advice. Sang Tae confirms and also informs the boy that he and his mother got close.

The mother tells Mi Jung that she will pretend to not have heard what Mi Jung said so she gets up and leaves Mi Jung behind, crying.

Sang Min notices that Yeon Tae definitely likes him so he enjoys her small jealousy scene even though she doesn’t know yet what she is doing. She keeps asking questions about the girl from the blind date but Sang Min answers that the first time he went on a date with that other girl, he was in fact waiting for Yeon Tae. He then bluntly asks her if she likes him and of course she denies. However to him it’s clear that she started liking him especially after seeing her concerned about him meeting other women. To ease everything and knowing that Yeon Tae is shy, Sang Min asks her to date and if she doesn’t refuse him after 3 seconds, he will take it as a yes. Yeon Tae doesn’t reject his confession and FINALY AFTER 32 EPISODES THEY ARE DATING. Afterwards, Sang Min takes her to lunch and since he wants to buy her everything she wants.

Since Sang Min said that he will buy her whatever she wants to eat, Yeon Tae takes him to his parents’ restaurant. At first he didn’t knew that it was her parents’ place and thinks that for a first date isn’t really appropriate to eat noodles and it will be better to eat steak. When they enter the restaurant, Sang Min’s face changes and starts acting like he already is the son-in-law. He even helps with serving the customers and introduces himself to some people as the future son-in-law of the restaurant’s owner.  But it looks like those customers knew that he is the golfer, Kim Sang Min.

Sang Tae takes Woo Young home. When they arrive, he apologizes to the granny for what happened a few days before. The granny says that he doesn’t have to say anything because she also didn’t do anything good. To lighten up the mood, Sang Tae admits that he proposed to Mi Jung and asks the woman to help him change her heart.

Sang Min drives Yeon Tae home. Knowing her personality, he continues to lead her on and tells her that whatever she wants to do she should to it because he will receive and accept everything. The new happy man says that for a while they won’t be able to meet each other because of his golf game. Before leaving, Sang Min tells her to write down the day they started dating and also leaves a kiss on her cheek. After the kiss, Yeon Tae smiles shyly and is happy to hear Sang Min say that from now on he is her first love so she should forget everything about the guy she had a crush on for 7 years.

Mi Jung is finding it hard to speak with Sang Tae considering the conversation she had in the afternoon with his mother thus she doesn’t answer his phone call.

Back at home, Tae Min finds out that his brother finally started going out with ‘sweet pumpkin’. When he calls her like that, Sang Min gets a bit irritated and tells him to call her ‘sister in law’. They change the topic of the conversation and Tae Min reveals that things are still not going well between him and the girl he broke up with.

Meanwhile, Jin Joo is working hard to find a job. During an interview, the possible future boss tries to leach on her with the intention of not paying her how it’s supposed. Since she is way smarter than people may think, Jin Joo notices that the guy is trying to lead her on so she takes her CV and leaves.

Granny tries to talk with Mi Jung about her relationship with Sang Tae however her granddaughter made her mind not to marry him because it will be hard not only for them but for their children as well. Granny reveals that she knew about Mi Jung having a hard time after her divorce and the fact that she used to hide in her room and drink at night.

Ho Tae’s mother tries to make Soon Young deal with the wedding gifts but luckily her second son protects his wife but without making his mother angry. He knows the deal. After the conversation with Ho Tae, the mother remembers that Bin and Woori, the daughter of Mi Jung, are friends and their homeroom teacher is Yeon Tae. Curious, she asks Yeon Tae about the girl and she reveals that the one with attitude problems is actually Bin because their in-laws are spoiling her too much so she is way more immature than Woo Ri, who on the other hand, is actually pretty mature.

Sang Tae uses a ‘camping simulation’ with his children as an excuse to tell them that he has a girlfriend. Although Soo is more interested about how his father meet his girlfriend and if they kissed, Bin is a bit concerned. But Sang Tae tells her that nothing will change between them and that he just wanted to tell them the news.

Yeon Tae wants to send Sang Min a message but she can’t do cringe stuff. But no worries, my friends, there’s Sang Min who takes the initiative and sends her a message about how he misses her and that she should sleep dreaming of him. Yeon Tae can’t believe her eyes reading his message but at the same time she can’t hide her happiness.

Soo tells Jin Joo that he wrote in his daily journal about her and that even his teacher is cheering on her. She finally finds out that Tae Min is her nephew’s homeroom teacher so she makes the boy write about her in his journal so that the teacher will see. The following days, Tae Min finds out from the journal that Jin Joo isn’t well and that she returned the car and cards to her parents. He also finds out where she works after, Jin Joo shamelessly wrote the whole address and schedule of her work place.

Mi Jung tries to move to another company but Sang Tae finds out about it and clearly shows that he doesn’t like that.

Days later, it’s time for the golf game and, of course, Sang Min wins the tournament. Everyone watches the game. During the interview, he gives hints that there was someone who helped him a lot. He pretty much implied that it’s Yeon Tae but Jin Joo’s parents were thinking that he talks about their daughter. The only person that was annoyed with Sang Min hinting at Yeon Tae was Ho Tae, who shows an older brother attitude.

After the game, Mi Jung was supposed to go the next step of her interview but she finds out that Sang Tae got hurt and she rushes to the hospital to see if he is ok.

My thoughts on episode 32:

They are changing. Everyone is, except for Sang Tae’s mother. She is happy that Sang Min and Yeon Tae are dating, that her daughter is dating a higher status man yet she is dissatisfied with Ho Tae marring Soon Young.

I can’t wait to see when Tae Min will find out that the girl who Sang Min is dating is Yeon Tae and that she had a crush on him for 7 years. Wonder if that will change anything in their relationships considering that we still have around 20 episodes to go.

In this episode, I started to understand Mi Jung a bit more. She thinks about Sang Tae’s children and if they are going to marry, Soo and Bin will have to leave behind the life they are currently living, to leave behind an easy lifestyle.


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