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“Boku no ita jikan” Nomura Shuhei (Rikuto) interview translation (part1)

There are some interviews of the cast members of the drama “Boku no ita jikan”, however because English isn’t my first language, it’s a little bit hard to convey what they actually wanted to say in the interview, so I translated a little from Nomura Shuhei (plays Rikuto in the drama)’s interview and I want […]

[Update] Kim Da Hyun in discussion for “Dad, where are you going? 2”

According to multiple sources, Kim Da Hyun is discussing to join the second season of the MBC variety show “Dad, where are you going?”. Kim Da Hyun married his wife in 2008, following their marriage, in 2009 his wife gave birth to their first son, and last year she gave birth to the couple’s second […]

[Kactor] Pictorial ~ Park Seo Joon for Fast Magazine ~

Rookie actor Park Seo Joon shows a neat style and unique feeling in the fashion magazine ‘Fast Magazine’. Although I’ve seen him in Dream High (don’t know why but after Dream High I always lived with the impression that Park Seo Joon was a JYP trainee but it seems I was wrong) he caught my […]

The Princess’ Man – Shin Myun second lead syndrome

….strikes me again. Do not read this post if you haven’t seen ‘The Princess’ Man’ until at least episode 12. It may contain spoilers. I’m actually thinking seriously to add Song Jong Ho (Shin Myun) to my ‘favorite Korean actors’ list alongside Ji Chang Wook and Shim Ji Ho. ‘Second lead syndrome’ – as most […]