[Kdrama] ‘Endless Love’ ep 1 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~


With the first episode we are given some information about In Ae and her life. As a plot episode it was actually good, but I’m not sure if I can handle 40 episodes of revenge. On the other hand it reminds me a little of East of Eden, don’t know why but it has that vibe.

The drama starts with Seo In Ae being held in a police car and Han Gwang Cheol following it, also closely after him another car was following. Gwang Cheol screams to the police driver to stop the car, but the black car from behind him hits his motorbike resulting with him falling off on the ground. When In Ae gets out from the police car trying to get to Gwang Cheol, the black car comes again towards her; to save In Ae, Gwang Cheol pushes her from the car’s direction to the side of the road thus putting himself in danger. After hitting his head on the black car, Gwang Cheol is thrown away into the water (sea).

After that we are taken back to In Ae’s childhood, showing In Ae during a religious ceremony at the church. However on the way back home, when the woman who was with in Ae sees a black car driving out from the house so she takes the girl and hides – as the car was passing by, In Ae sees the driver’s ring. When both enter the house, the woman who was with In Ae sees In Ae’s mother lying on the floor covered in blood. However all In Ae’s mother could do before dying was to write “butterfly” with her own blood.

Later we get ahead of time in the year 1982 when In Ae takes In Chul to Jang Taek Sang who seems to be In Chul’s father who gave In Ae’s family money so he could tie any relationship he has with the family to go for the congressman election. Angered, In Ae burns the money in front of Jang Tae Sang and leaves with In Chul. But outside the building, some men start chasing her, but luckily Gwang Chul appears and In Ae runs away with In Chul.

When they arrive home, one of their friends tells them that a friend of Gwang Hoon (Gwang Chul’s older brother) put a fire on the US Cultural Center in Busan and now the police is searching for him so the guy asks In Ae and Gwang Chul to help the other dude who set the fire. In the end, the two decide to help the other guy so he won’t get caught by the police.

At In Ae’s house, her aunt (the woman who was returning with In Ae from church) finds out that she burned the money she received from the chairman and starts shouting at In Ae. In the mist of anger the aunt tells In Ae that it’s her fault her daughter died and asks her how would she take responsibility for that – apparently the night In Ae’s mother died, In Ae’s cousin was also in the house. In Ae replays that she knows she should’ve been the one who died then and not her cousin but to reply her aunt for raising her In Ae took her cousin name and lived all along as her aunt’s daughter.

After the whole conversation with her aunt, In Ae is informed by Gwang Chul’s father that Gwang Hoon was coming back. Hearing the news her face is visible brighter, seeing her like that Gwang Chul starts making fun of her and how she acts like a daughter-in-law in advance towards his father. But his jokes do nothing more than to annoy In Ae so she steps on his foot a few times.

While on the train on his way back, Gwang Hoon remembers the first day he meet In Ae – during their childhood he and his younger brother were told by their father to wait for In Ae, he aunt and her grandmother at the train station. Hearing from the grandmother that the girl is sick, the two brothers fight for whom to give In Ae a piggy back.

Back to 1982, In Ae waits for Gwang Hoon at the train station, and from there because the two haven’t seen each other for a long time (or so it seems) they got together to the beach. Since the two were enjoying their date on the beach, Gwang Hoon takes out a necklace and gives it to In Ae.

During the night, the process of saving the guy who put a fire at the US Cultural Center starts. After everything was set and when Gwang Chul was ready to start the boat, In Ae appears. However he starts scolding her for getting on the boat when he clearly told her not to. When Gwang Chul asks In Ae if they did the right thing to help a collage friend, she just replays that he both have to be careful with their mouths. As she was talking Gwang Chul notices her new necklaces and asks if his brother gave it to her. But on the other hand, she gets angry as he called the necklace a metal one and told him that it was real gold, afterwards Gwang Chul gets angry with the excuse that his brother had to pay so much money to give her a necklace and the two end up bickering each other again.

Gwang Hoon sees the news about the fire and starts suspecting his brother. When In Ae and Gwang Chul were returning home, Gwang Hoon was waiting for them – as he sees them, he starts scolding his brother and telling him to go down by himself but not to drag In Ae down with him as well.

Another day when In Ae was on her way to training, the same car with the same driver from the night when she returned home from the church with her aunt when she was younger, passed by her. Not thinking much about it, In Ae continues to drive. When she arrives at the boxing club, she sees the news about the fire on tv, also on the news it is announced that whoever helped those who put the fire will be punished as well. While she was trying to take her head away from the news, her senior Jo Won Kyu comes and asks her where she and Gwang Chul went the night before but she passed the question quickly.

During class, In Ae proves that she is a math genius according to her class mates. Five minutes later on, Gwang Hoon appears in the school yard to pick up In Ae. Afterwards the teacher asks Gwang Chul why he isn’t leaving as well since it’s his father 60th birthday, but he gives a short answer: “the bad son is excluded”.

Even though everyone was preparing for the father’s birthday, the father is taken away and captured by Park Young Tae after being found to have helped those who put the fire at the US building. Park Young Tae thinks of the father and Gwang Hoon as prime suspects for helping hide those who put the fire. Then the father remembers the night when In Ae and Gwang Chul took out the boad – to protect the two he tells Park Young Tae that he is the one who helped hide the culprits. After the ones who held the father captive left, In Ae arrives and helps him. When the two brothers also arrive, Gwang Hoon takes his younger brother by the collar and tells him that their father may be arrested because of him.

Knowing that the people from the Government will be back for him, the father gives Gwang Hoon his saved money to go and study in America, he also asks his son to take care of Gwang Chul. Later Gwang Hoon goes to the town’s priest and hands him some papers saying that he is the only person who he trusts.

Another day, the senior from the boxing club comes and picks In Ae and Gwang Chul from school and drives them to the port where a lot of people were gathered. There a man makes a sign to Gwang Chul towards the sea, when he looks there, he sees his father in the middle of the sea. Socked, Gwang Chul runs to the water. However the rescuers arrived too late.

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