[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Waa! The two brothers, Soo Hyuk and Moo Yeol, meet although only Soo Hyuk knows that they are brothers.  As for Soo Hyuk’s mother, she has the same mental problems as Dok Hee from “I summon you gold”, telling her son that all the things she does are for him, when in fact it’s for her own greed.

I’m gradually getting attached to the teen versions of Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung, although in the drama it is shown more of Moo Yeol and Yoo Rim’s love story, I personally love Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung’s side more…well too bad Soo Hyuk won’t get the girl in the end.

The recap:

After the fight with Moon Do, the grandfather is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Tae Shin tries to tell Moo Yeol something but unfortunately he dies before finishing his sentence.

During the funeral, Moo Yeol is holding a visible resentment against his father. Not knowing that Moon Do is the cause of Tae Shin’s death, the family doesn’t really understand Moo Yeol’s attitude towards his father.

Moon Do tries to talk with Moo Yeol about what he heard during the fight with Tae Shin, and tries to say that the grandfather wasn’t who Moo Yeol thinks it was, and that he did a lot of negative things. Moon Do also tries to talk about the paternity test he had when Moo Yeol was little, but the son says that he knew about it and that Moon Do did that test because he thought that Eun Sook had Moo Yeol with another man.

Moo Yeol: I only wanted one thing. A father that I can respect and love (…) It’s already been so hard for me to live hating you.

Moon Do asks Moo Yeol to believe and understand him because he is his son, but Moo Yeol replay by saying that he wished he wasn’t his son, because after seeing such an ugly face of his father, he feels miserable.

Nan Cho drags Soo Hyuk at the funeral of Tae Shin. Soo Hyuk tells his mother that what she is doing isn’t right and should stop, but she doesn’t listen and goes to the funeral. When Nan Cho enters the funeral hall, she sees Moon Do hugging his wife Eun Sook. Later, Nan Cho introduces herself as a client of Moon Do, and ‘consoles’ Eun Sook. Afterwards Nan Cho wanted to introduce her son (who according to her looks exactly like his father – that’s how she introduces Soo Hyuk to everyone at the funeral, although no one knew she was in fact talking about how Soo Hyuk looks like his father, Moon Do), Soo Hyuk gets angry with her mother, and doesn’t introduce himself and just leaves the room.

Rushing out of the funeral hall, Soo Hyuk bumps into Moo Yeol – he did know that his brother’s name was Moo Yeol but he didn’t know how he looked. Nan Cho catches up with Soo Hyuk and sees Moo Yeol. She asks him if he is the son of President Kang (as if she didn’t know) and starts consoling him as well for the death of his grandfather (but isn’t not like she is sincere). Soo Hyuk gets even more annoyed with what his mother was doing, and when they enter the car, he tells Nan Cho to stop the way she acts.

Soo Hyuk: Mom, why are you like this?

Nan Cho: What? They are all people who we will have to fight.

Soo Hyuk: Mom, please don’t be like this! How long are you going to make me mad like this?

Sung Bok tells Yoo Rim that he has to go to a funeral and afterwards he will drop her at her school. While she was waiting for her father, Yoo Rim sees Moo Yeol at the funeral hall (she doesn’t know that her father went to Moo Yeol’s grandfather’s funeral), seeing him crying, at first she wants to go to him but she stops herself after remembering that Moo Yeol lied to her.

After the funeral, the lawyer reads Tae Shin’s will, however the grandmother doesn’t want to believe that it was Tae Shin’s real will, since he didn’t left anything for Moo Yeol and gave the company to Moon Do.

Later, maybe to save his face, Moon Do tells Moo Yeol that in 10 years that company will be his, but Moo Yeol tells his father that he doesn’t believe anything he says since he remembers clearly when Tae Shin told Moon Do to leave the company.

Moon Do knows that Tae Shin left something to Sung Bok but doesn’t know exactly what and starts to feel anxious about what it may happen.

At school, the gang Moo Yeol beat a few days before appears again, and he lets himself be beaten up by them – because he promised his grandfather that he will stop fighting. He then goes to Yoo Rim’s University to try to apologize for lying to her. She doesn’t want to hear anything from him, but he tells her that he will wait for her. Then the writer goes for the classic stuff: it starts to rain, he faints after staying too much in the rain, she looks after him and they make up.

Meanwhile, the part that I love the most from this episode: Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung’s scene.  Yoo Jung sees Soo Hyuk going to the academy and naturally she starts talking with him. Aww~ and he already fell for her, letting himself get wet by the rain while holding the umbrella more on Yoo Jung’s side. After classes, while Yoo Jung was sleeping, Soo Hyuk leaves her an umbrella and a drinking yogurt (they are so cute, unfortunately he is the second lead, and y’all know second leads don’t get the girl – except for like in 2 dramas where the second lead actually got the main girl).

Moo Yeol decides to chance himself and study more; also Yoo Rim tells him that she will be his tutor. The next morning, Sung Bok is announced that someone left the doors of where the calves were staying open and the calves run. After they finally got back the calves, when the family returns, they see their house ravished as if a burglar entered their home.

Moon Do spends another day at his mistress home.  Seeing Soo Hyuk preparing to go to the academy, Nan Cho tells Moon Do that Soo Hyuk used to hate going to the academy however lately he seems to like going there.

After discussing with his uncle, Moo Yeol decides to go and face his father. Before Moo Yeol, Sung Bok arrives first at Moon Do’s office, and gives Moon Do a copy of the real will that Tae Shin left.

Sung Bok: This is what you where looking for when you made my house a mess?

Sung Bok gives Moon Do 2 days to correct his mistakes, after he left, Moon Do breaks the copy of the will into pieces, at the same time Moo Yeol comes into the office and sees pieces of the will where it was written that Tae Shin left 60% of the stocks to Moo Yeol and 20% to Sung Bok.

These two are so cute XD

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