[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 5 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m sorry for the much delayed recap, unfortunately school, exams, life piled up so I had to first take care of those stuff.

The story was kind of fast forwarded in this episode, however it was a good thing, after all it would’ve become way too dragged if they wouldn’t have fast forwarded. Too bad we won’t get too see the teen versions of the main characters, I grew fond of them in these 5 episodes.

The recap:

At the end of the last episode, Han Sung-Bok who was driving Yoo Rim and Yoo Jung to school gets into an accident because of Moon Do.  After the accident, Moon Do finds Tae Shin’s real will in Sung Bok’s car and flees the scene before the cops and the ambulance arrives. Moo Yeol who was called by Yoo Rim right before the accident comes and sees Yoo Rim covered in blood. Sadly Yoo Rim and Sung Bok lose their lives.

Min Soo and Hye Sook inform Bok Hee that they know from Moo Yeol that because of Moon Do, Tae Shin died.

The only survivor of the car accident, Yoo Jung wakes up at the hospital, when she asks the nurse where her father and sister are, the nurse tried to hide the fact that they died, but eventually she tells Yoo Jung that Sung Bok and Yoo Rim were already on their way to the morgue. Yoo Jung rushes to the morgue, at the same time the mother comes and faints out of shock. Moo Yeol sees the heartbreaking scene from afar and drops on the ground.

When Moon Do comes back home, he isn’t warmly welcomed. Both Bok Hee and Hye Sook show their irritation towards Moon Do through their actions. Thinking that her husband may be cheating on her after seeing Nan Cho with the same necklace as hers, Eun Sook musters her courage and while Moon Do was washing, she tries to look into his phone, but without any success since the phone had a locker   (password).

Moon Do comes out of the bathroom and sees Eun Sook looking in his phone. Hesitant at first, Eun Sook confronts Moon Do but he doesn’t admits having a mistress, however he is more like trying to get Eun Sook’s attention away and acts irritated as if she offended him when she asked about the issue.

Moon Do: Do you take me for a fool who gives out the same necklace to different women?

Moo Yeol’s family is informed about what happened with Sung Bok, Moon Do tries to act as if it was a shocking news (to him). Later Moon Do, Bok Hee and Eun Sook go to Sung Bok’s funeral. Because Yoo Jung’s mother was still in shock in the hospital, Yoo Jung was the only one who was present at the funeral.

Returning from the funeral, Hye Sook tells Eun Sook and Bok Hee that it will be good to try the nullification of the will, in which Moon Do is given the company. The sister and mother don’t understand why all of a sudden Eun Sook doesn’t take Moon Do’s side and wants to go against him.

While doing shopping, Nan Cho is told that her cards aren’t working. When she comes back to her apartment, she sees Moon Do waiting for her. Nan Cho nonchalantly confesses that she meet Eun Sook. Annoyed Moon Do hands her a plane ticked towards America and tells her to move there, while he will take care of Soo Hyuk. When she hears that, Nan Cho starts begging Moon Do to forgive her, but he doesn’t want to listen and leaves.

Soo Hyuk searches for Yoo Jung at the academy but no one knows why she hasn’t attended it that day. On his way out, Soo Hyuk remembers the day when he cried in the rain and Yoo Jung found him. Thinking that the next day she will attend the academy, Soo Hyuk heads home. Meanwhile Yoo Jung’s mother was rushed in the surgery room, leaving Yoo Jung hopeless.

Moo Yeol finally comes back home. The mother and grandmother see him all covered in blood. When his mother asks him what happened, he tells her that a friend he liked very much died, and that if he would’ve went earlier, maybe that friend wouldn’t have died.

Moon Do remembers all the things he had to do because of Tae Shin – going to prison in Tae Shin’s place, leaving his mother alone.

Another day, a detective comes and asks Moon Do where he was when Sung Bok died. Because he couldn’t provide an alibi, later Moon Do meets Nan Cho and asks her to be his alibi. Of course nothing is for free in this life therefore Nan Cho tells Moon Do that she will be his alibi only if he will divorce his wife, Eun Sook, and legally marry her. At first Moon Do didn’t want to leave his wife, but since it was the only way to escape the police’s suspicions he accepts.

When Moon Do comes home, because he couldn’t provide an alibi when the detective came, the grandmother starts shouting at Moon Do.  Being already in terms with what Nan Cho asked from him, Moon Do tells the family that he has a mistress more over a son with that mistress.  The grandmother faints upon hearing all that and while the family was looking after her, Moo Yeol asks explanations from his father, however Moon Do tells Moo Yeol that he will understand everything when he will grow up. Eun Sook asks him if he even for once was truthful towards her, but Moon Do tells her that there is no point in asking that because even if he was, he is still betraying her at this point.  Before leaving, Eun Sook picks up a vase and when she throws it towards Moon Do, Moo Yeol jumps in front of his father and gets hit.

Another day, Moon Do is shown at the shareholders meeting, making him the official new CEO. After the meeting, when he enters his office (together with Nan Cho, she’s like a shadow now …) Moon Do sees Eun Sook there. She gives him the divorce papers and tells him that he can take everything but Moo Yeol will stay with her. Eun Sook also tells him that even if he is now taking everything, she will take everything back in a legal manner.

When the grandmother, Moo Yeol and Eun Sook were leaving their house leaving everything behind, Nan Cho and Soo Hyuk appear. Although Nan Cho acts like she is the rightful owner of the house, Soo Hyuk looks uncomfortable in front of Moo Yeol, Eun Soo and the grandmother.

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