[Jdrama] ‘Yutori desu ga nani ka?’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

I wondered a lot whether to post this review/opinion or to keep it to myself and just write on twitter that this is a worthy drama to watch and end it with that. Truthfully, I’m not sure if I can convey how good this drama was.  All the elements I appreciate from a drama were in a single project but how can I find the proper words to tell others about it. Moreover, English isn’t my first nor my second language…so it’s hard for me to make a proper review for “Yutori desu ga nani ka?”.

Originally, I thought it’s mostly comedy but it offers so much more than that. It’s really good, much deeper than I expected. It tackles so many issues and moments form one’s life which can be transcended to everyone but in a manner that it won’t be too heavy nor too comedy-ish.

We, viewers, especially Asian drama viewers, always demand development from the writers, although most of the times it’s in a short span of time. With “Yutori desuga nanika”, there’s no particular development, considering that the story takes place in a few months. Yes, people can change and grow within a few months, while we interact with others and go through more events in our life, but it’s not something obvious, or at least that’s what I think. Growth needs more time to actually make a person change and develop. Considering all that, this time the writer isn’t the one who bluntly spits out the development for us, the actors are the ones showing the changes within the characters they portray. Again, I don’t think the drama had much of a development, it was more like, we get to know and understand the characters, moreover the characters’ principles have the power to make us think further about ourselves.

I’m quite sure that anyone in their 20s can find themselves in the story. It might be lame, or shameful, but I was embarrassed after I gave some second thoughts to some things we, young adults face. I found myself in characters that made me angry and got my own scolding together with them. Even though, the drama does tell the stories of young adults, we might think that everything in the drama is on our side. No, it’s not. There’s nothing sugar coated here.  Obviously the drama does show the struggles, but it also shows our bratty side. That side that’s not yet mature enough to appreciate things. It really made me think a lot about my current position towards society and life in general.

Our 20s is a period of trials and errors, is the path that leads us towards maturity. We have aspirations and desires but, at the same time, we are quite careless and fearful of failure. We are sure of ourselves and always want to flaunt the overflowing confidence but at times, when someone tries to advice or give any person in their 20s a reality check, it’s not worth our time, yet, when stress finally drags us by our legs, we let negativity question our abilities. The drama makes us understand ourselves to some degree.

“Yutori desuga nanika?” is here to tell us “you freaking brat! Stop complaining! It’s okay to fear failure, your 20s are the base of your adulthood, you are still learning, but try to maintain an ounce of diplomacy while at work”.

I liked all the characters but I had a soft spot for Malibu… Malibu was a treat for me as a drama viewer – it’s also thanks to the actor. There were so many emotions into one single character. From rude, genuine happiness, sensitive, harsh towards himself but quite genuine towards others. Always understanding of those around but not quite of himself.

I won’t say anything more about Malibu nor about the other characters, there’s not enough space for me to praise both the writing and the acting. In fact, “Yutori desu ga nani ka?” offered me a new perspective on the actors’ acting abilities and made me wonder about their range. I never considered Tori, for example, a good actor. He was decent, to some point – found him awkward, but Yamaji was colourful and matched Tori well. More like, Tori blended himself with Yamaji. Not only him, but all the actors, transformed themselves into the characters they portrayed. While I watched the drama, on my screen I saw only Akane, Maribu, Yamaji and Masakazu, people I want to be friends with and people that are like me.

I highly recommend this drama. Doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s or not, the story and the characters will get to you. It’s a good drama that more people should watch.

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