[Jdrama] ‘Doctor-X Season 5’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

Every time I came back for the characters. I’m not someone who normally is interested in medical dramas, simply because these kinds of dramas aren’t my type moreover medical terms make me drowsy.

Doctor X is not a series that can create the feeling of wanting to watch more and more but as you watch, you somehow turn loyal to the characters. They each have a unique flavour that gets to you.

Production wise, Doctor X is good, I can honestly say that the staff was always well prepared. The script is well written, it’s a medical drama and to story doesn’t require lots of character nor story development as it focuses more on surgeries. Even so, the writer did fill the pot with as much as possible character development for those around Daimon. We could see people changing thanks to her actions and frank way of speech. Yet, if you want me to explain the story in a simpler way, then Doctor X is the drama in which everyone has some type of cancer and around 3 more months to live, heck even the main character is one of them, but they are miraculously saved by Daimon.

In terms of acting, Yonekura has an amazing screen presence and I can’t think of anyone else who could pull off Daimon’s personality. Apart from the main actress, Doctor X is and always was a drama solid in the acting department with big names such as Endo Kenichi, Nishida Toshiyuki and Jinai Takanori but at the same time, I think that this drama was always good at showcasing the acting talent of younger actors and actresses as well.

There were some cameos done by younger actors whose acting I normally find exaggerated but I always end up liking them in Doctor X. In this season, the one that caught my eye, although not a cameo, is Nagayama Kento. He never had any impact on me. All of his past projects were rather forgetful, his role as Nishiyama made me see him in a new light.

The comedy was on point, not exaggerated, it had the right amount I like. As for the story overall being a medical drama, it doesn’t have enough space for a substantial story thus sometimes it might feel like an empty show. For a person like me, whose medical knowledge is limited to knowing where the liver is, the information and details about the surgeries performed were a bit too burdensome.  But again, although it’s a medical drama, I didn’t feel like it’s only for those who enjoy this type of shows. The characters help a lot making Doctor X a watchable drama for any drama fan.


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