[Kdrama] ‘Five Children’ ep 2 ~recap/review/opinion~

The morning starts with Sang Tae, his two children and his father-in-law doing their morning routing in the yard. As Sang Tae was playing with his children, the father-in-law wants to try the weight bells Sang Tae was using but to his surprise, he couldn’t even lift one.

Meanwhile, the mother-in-law makes a green juice for everyone however she has no idea what’s the name of some of the veggies. The woman welcomes them back after their morning exercise with the juices she just prepared. Although everyone is happy, the father in law remains stunned after lifting the bells and tells his wife to stop giving Sang Tae so many good things because he is already overflowing with energy…..the other kind of every, in the lower part of the body.

Granny enters Mi Jung’s room and sees the wedding pictures facing down. The woman scolds her granddaughter for not showing some affection whenever her husband calls because if she doesn’t, the man will cheat on her. Given the situation, Mi Jung asks her grandmother if by chance, her husband cheats on her, what she will do. But of course the grandmother won’t let that happen and says that if by chance Mi Jung’s husband cheats on her, then she will beat him. The conversation is interrupted by Woo Young who rushes his mother since he was getting late to school.

Sang Tae drops his children at school followed by Mi Jung. Before getting out of the car, Woo Young gives his mother his speech to send it to his father, in America.

Mi Jung and Sang Tae meet in the parking lot where he notices that her dress’ zipper was open. Not knowing if would be good to tell her or not, so he won’t make her feel awkward about it he eventually thinks it will be better not to tell her. While waiting for the elevator, Sang Tae advices her to wear her coat because it’s cold outside. Not knowing why her superior is acting like that, Mi Jung starts thinking that he is a pervert who looks at her butt. Him telling Mi Jung to walk in front of him, so he can hide the open zipper, makes her feel even more suspicions of his actions. Before entering their office, Mi Jung pretty much tells him that he shouldn’t look at her butt. He gives up and decides to let it go. During work hours, Mi Jung starts badmouthing Sang Tae to another co-worker but to her surprise, the co-worker shows her the open zipper revealing how rush she was for telling off her superior. Sang Tae comes to make himself a cup of coffee and she thinks that it’s okay to hide her face behind her hair.

All day, Mi Jung wants to apologize to Sang Tae for misjudging him but she becomes a bother, always following him around to direct her apology. He constantly tells her that it’s okay, but she doesn’t listen and apologizes every time she sees his face.

Sang Tae’s mother wants to see her grandchildren so she goes to Bin and Soo’s school to pick them up. Her happiness collapses when Sang Tae’s mother-in-law appears in her luxurious car saying that she can’t take the children because they are supposed to have a photo shoot in the afternoon. Despite the fact that she will feel awkward and probably not really welcomed, Sang Tae’s mother makes her way to her in-law’s house with a forced self-invitation. At her in-law’s house, she is being excluded from the picture session with the grandchildren and that makes her feel out of place.

The mother-in-low tells Sang Tae’s mother that a father who raises his children by himself, won’t always make the kids happy so she shows off how happy the grandchildren are at her house.

Meanwhile, Yeon Tae is feeling girly, at her dance school, when she links hands with her dance instructor. After class, she invites him to eat lunch with her but the invitation gets rejected. Seeing her disappointed face, the instructor calls her cute and pets her head. Shortly after the guy leaves, Yeon Tae gets a call from Jin Joo who was in front of her dance school to invite her to eat lunch together. Yeon Tae declines thinking that if she is to go out with Jin Joo, she will look plain in comparison to her. On her way back, and while being angered that Yeon Tae declined her invitation, Jin Joo gets her heel stuck and almost falls down trying to get in out of the cement crack. She is saved from falling down by Yeon Tae’s dance instructor, Tae Min, who was passing by. The two have a moment as if their meeting was meant to be, they were destined for each other so we see a slow motion scene (a funny one) where he catches her from falling.

Tae Min tells her that she shouldn’t walk around dressed like that but she replays saying that it’s her own fashion and it has nothing to do with him. He accepts what she says and replays that he saw her from afar and she is perfect from head to toe. Before leaving, he advices Jin Joo to be careful, because she can hurt herself.

Sang Tae’s mother goes to her son’s room to look around and is shortly followed by the mother in law who addresses Sang Tae as her son making the mother furious. Then, the woman expresses her annoyance regarding the issue to her husband. The father seems to understand why the in-laws do that, because they don’t a son. Looking around her kitchen, the mother notices that food is disappearing but her husband says that maybe Yeon Tae ate it, however it was too much for her to eat alone. The thief is Ho Tae who still lives in their storage room, without them knowing.

Meanwhile, Yeon Tae dreams about her dance instructor, Tae Min, who pet her head in the afternoon. At the same time, Jin Joo also remembers her encounter with him and thinks to herself if she should’ve asked for his phone number.


At the market, Sang Tae’s parents find out about the rumors that are being spread around the neighborhood, that they were helped to get their restaurant thanks to their in-laws. Even though they try to reveal that Sang Tae sold his apartment, a woman from the market keeps insisting that even the apartment was given to Sang Tae by the in-laws, thus they were the ones who helped them set up the restaurant.

The mother-in-law is spending some time with her friend. However the friend makes a rude comment about Sang Tae, thing that annoys her so the mother-in-law, furious, wants to beat the friend. The father in law also appears and tries to calm his wife however when he finds out that the other woman was rude towards their son-in-law, he “ invites” the husband of the friend to have a fight.

Sang Tae’s mother thinks of remarrying her first son. When asked by one of the restaurant’s staff if she doesn’t plan to marry the second son, the mother says that Ho Tae is handsome and he will marry a popular actress in the future, like how all the film directors do.

Yeon Tae comes home but given her personality, Ho Tae takes her money. A problem arise, the father returns home and Ho Tae was still in the house so he couldn’t manage getting out, therefore he goes in the bathroom. The father, gives Ho Tae a call to see why his son called a few days before. The father thinks that Ho Tae called him to ask for money but the son says it wasn’t like that, he just called to see how he was doing.

Mi Jung takes a picture of Woo Young’s speech and sends it to her ex-husband. On the other hand, her grandmother went to the supermarket, at the same store where the ex-husband was giving out fliers for his restaurant/store. While he was giving out the fliers, his wife was in the store, doing groceries. Unfortunately, the grandmother sees his wife, both knew each other since before because the wife was Mi Jung’s friend but since the granny doesn’t know the truth, she treats the wife nicely. Rushing to leave, the wife gives granny some money, as allowance.

At home Mi Jung finds out that her granny met with her ex-friend and also that the woman gave her some money. Angered, Mi Jung calls and swears at her.

Sang Tae’s mother goes to a blind dating agency to find a new bride for her son. She has big demands like the woman has to be quiet, she shouldn’t work nor be a divorced woman.

Ho Tae invites his older brother for dinner and ends up pleading Sang Tae to invest in him. As they were leaving the restaurant, Ho Tae asks his brother for his coat, shoes and even to pay for their dinner, even though he was the one who made the dinner invitation.

Mi Jung’s granny finds out about the new store, that is actually Mi Jung’s ex-husband store. She sees her granddaughter’s friend with her supposed son-in-law and catches up that he actually remarried with the friend after breaking up with Mi Jung, moreover she finally understands that the whole thing about working in America was a lie. The granny gets angry and enters the store – she pretty much destroys everything that is in front of her.

Mi Jung rushes to stop her grandmother from visiting the store and along the way she meets up with Sang Tae, after she loses her slipper in front of his care. He chases after her to return the slipper and both arrive at the store where the friend’s mother throws flour over everyone, including Sang Tae who was there just to return the slipper.

My thoughts on episode 2

I’m not sure if the mother-in-law is being annoying, irritating or that’s just her personality. In a way, I feel like she and her husband want to keep Sang Tae for themselves. I don’t question their love for him, but maybe their attachment towards him is also given by the fact that they lost their daughter.

Who annoys me the most is actually Sang Tae’s mother. I was so angry during the scene when she went to the blind dating agency, asking for a woman who can be tamed – or at least that’s how I saw it. The woman shouldn’t work, have children, be divorced and so on. But what woman will accept Sang Tae with 2 children. I’m not saying that there aren’t women who would accept him, but it’s not like anyone can just care for a man who has 2 children, especially if it’s her first marriage. I was under the impression that his mother demanded someone “clean” and puts her son on a pedestal. I mean she always feels inferior to her in-laws and probably is in a need to feel superior and also needs a “tool” to break Sang Tae away from his in laws.


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  2. after watching the ep & reading your recap i realized that thus far, i’ve found something really irritating, annoying, or insulting about every character! haha….that dating agency scene really riled me up as well. you’re spot on about the mother needing to feel superior over someone, and it’s also a really blatant representation of the ‘purity’ thing that always infuriates the hell out of me in kdramaland when it appears. this will be a series to vent at, methinks!

    1. Hahahah at least there’s no “this character is at leas better than the other” and everyone has some flaws XD

      That scene was annoying, seeing the mother asking for a ‘clean’ future daughter-in-law. At this point, she annoys me the most out of all the characters.

      Thanks as always for the comment and for reading ~

  3. Agreed! Plenty of annoying scenes and characters. Thieving, mooching brother is also on my list. Saving grace for this episode –the “Destiny” shoe scene was pretty funny.

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