[Jmovie] ‘Seven Days’ Monday-Thursday & Friday-Sunday ~ review/impression/opinion ~

Anyone who doesn’t like BL, yaoi, gay or whatever you call two dudes being in love like any other human being, then don’t watch the movie nor read this post.

As I mentioned a lot of times, I’m not the type of person who reads mangas, but from time to time I do read some and ‘Seven Days’ is one of my favorites. Although the story is about two guys, I’m perfectly fine, I don’t care. For me, they are just people in love so I don’t care about anything else other than wanting to watch a good movie. Given the writing of the story that was really good, to the point that it draws you in, I was curious about how they will make the movie.

The story is about a first year high school student, Seryo, who is popular among his peers for agreeing to date anyone who asks him out. However all of the relationships don’t last more than a week. On the spur of the moment, senior student named Yuzuru, asks Seryo out. From this a chain of misunderstandings, questions and so on starts that make the main character’s relationship grow but at the same time break apart given the time limit.

It’s hard to find a well produced BL movie. Reason is that most of the times, the actors are amazingly awkward with each other and that kind of destroys the flow. Not to mention the overall cheap feeling these movies have. Frankly speaking, I had to give ‘Seven Days’ a second chance because of the awkwardness between the main actors and on top of that they didn’t seem to give off the same feeling like in the manga.

I must say, the story was really touching in the manga and I wanted to finally see a movie that shows that side of the story. In the case of ‘Seven Days’, the directing saved the movie. From the way I see it, this movie has to be the best in terms of directing out of all BL movies. The director succeeded in creating a quiet mood like the manga had. Although the main characters were a bit different from the original work, I somehow enjoyed the whole movie (both parts).

What bothered me were the scenes with Seryo and Yuzuru. I could tell that the two actors that were playing these characters were tying but their intimate scenes were kind of stiff. During the solo scenes the movie was actually good, felt like a good indie movie.

But having the actors try their best doesn’t necessary mean that the viewers will be satisfied. For me, the portray from the movie didn’t match the writing from the manga. Or maybe it felt like that because the image I had of Yuzuru and Seryo was different. In the manga, Seryo had a cool aura around him and was always a composed person while Yuzuru was the one who questioned a lot of things, yet in the movie it was the other way around.

Another thing is that the movie failed the show the mature part of their relationship. They weren’t just two high scholars in love but two persons in a complicated but pure relationship with a bumpy start.

Anyway, overall ‘Seven Days’ was good. Pretty certain that is the best live action of a BL manga and I think that the fans of this genre will like it. As for the others, I would actually recommend to read the manga first and then watch the movie.



  1. This is one of my favorite manga as well. I thought they did a pretty good job – well better than most shounen-ai anyway. The manga is so good that I actually bought both books and the drama cd. The boys were not that well matched to the characters but I still enjoyed the movies. Maybe I just like the story 😀

    1. True, they did pretty well, better than in others BL XD

      Thanks for the comment and for reading~

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