[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is more a “now that Suzy has a dating scandal, let’s make Soohyun the Nations’ first love” – I’m kidding…..!! No, but they put a lot of useless scenes with her, when that time could’ve been used with like…..Yoo Jung and Soo Hyuk.

I understand Yoo Rim is supposed to be Moo Yeol’s first love, but let’s face it, Soohyun’s scenes are rather forced onto the viewer rather than making it seem like her character’s story is having a ‘smooth path’ – what too much it too much.

The recap:

Moo Yeol sees the pieces of the original will and that his grandfather left him 60% of the company’s shares. The father doesn’t even bother to lie and admits that that is the original will, however Moon Do still considers he deserves the company. Moo Yeol is too shocked to say anything else. When his father leaves the office, Moo Yeol follows and tells Moon Do that he will tell the truth about the will to the other family members, but Moon Do tells his son that if he has confidence then he should do so.

The grandmother who still thinks the will that the lawyer read wasn’t the real one, since Moo Yeol didn’t get anything, searches for Sung Bak’s contact thinking that he may know something about the will.

Moo Yeol tries to tell the truth to his mother about the new will where his grandfather gave him 60% of the company’s shares, but he stops when he sees his mother happy and trusting Moon Do. Moreover, the mother asks Moo Yeol to show trust towards his father since everyone else in the family is against him. Seeing his mother overly happy, Moo Yeol decides to hide the truth for now.

Moo Yeol meets up with Yoo Rim who was supposed to tutor him.  Yoo Rim sees Moo Yeol couldn’t concentrate on studying and asks him what happened. Moo Yeol opens up  -a little- about his difficult relationship with his father. After hearing him, Yoo Rim tells Moo Yeol that she also sensed a tense relationship between him and his father when she and Moo Yeol had the motorbike accident and were send to the police station – when Moon Do appeared he didn’t ask Moo Yeol if he was okay/hurt, but rather Moon Do was mad at him. Yoo Rim decides to cheer Moo Yeol up and the two go for a date.

Moon Do and the lawyer keep feeling anxious about Sung Bak who has a handwritten will from Tae Shin. Later Moon Do receives a call asking him if the procedures of selling the apartment (where his mistress and Soo Hyuk live in) should continue – he tells the agency to stop the procedures and rushed to go and talk with the mistress. Meanwhile the mistress went to buy the same necklace Moon Do got for his wife.

When Moon Do arrives at the apartment, he asks the mistress what was the meaning of putting on the market (selling) the apartment, and she tells him that she will take her son and leave somewhere Moon Do won’t find them because she feels tired to be his mistress and not his wife and also because Moon Do still didn’t legally admitted Soo Hyuk as his son. The two start fighting in front of Soo Hyuk. Later, Yoo Jung sees Soo Hyuk sitting in the rain, crying.

During dinner, Moo Yeol is still uncomfortable sitting at the same table as his father and leaves without eating. Still debating if he should tell the truth about the will, Moo Yeol asks his father if he loves his mother, but the father doesn’t answer yes or no, however he says that he will never betray the path he chooses.

Another day, Moon Do contacts Sung Bak and asks to meet up. When they meet Moon Do falls on his knees and tells Sung Bak that the company is all he has. Sung Bak tells Moon Do in return that Tae Shin gave the company to Moo Yeol in his final will not because Moon Do didn’t had the skills but because Moo Yeol’s pure path. (Moon Do did all kind of fishy things) After meeting Moon Do, Sung Bak calls Tae Shin’s wife to ask for a meeting.

While visiting a friend’s exhibition, Eun Sook meets Nan Cho there, and sees that she has the same necklace Moon Do gave her. Nan Cho who was there “accidentally” acts shocked when she sees Eun Sook’s necklace and runs away …crying. Eun Sook starts thinking that Nan Cho is Moon Do’s mistress after putting some pieces together.

Yoo Rim helps Moo Yeol study. When some of her collage friends come into the room, they see that Yoo Rim and Moo Yeol were watching online high school teaching classes. They ask who Moo Yeol is and if he is in high school, Yoo Rim answers that he is her cousin. Later Moo Yeol sees Yoo Rim talking with her senior about some…well….errmmmm……hard-to-understand-stuff and he feels like he is way behind her and leaves.  The next days, Moo Yeol refuses to meet Yoo Rim, and he just studies by himself wanting to catch up with Yoo Rim.

Min Soo tells Hye Sook what he heard from Moo Yeol – that Moon Do is at fault for Tae Shin’s death.  The next day the two rush to the main house to tell the grandmother about it.

Moo Yeol dreams Yoo Rim leaving him.

While he was driving his daughters to their classes, Sung Bak notices a car following them – it was Moon Do. Because of Moon Do, Sung Bak’s car gets into an accident.

Random thoughts:

People !!!

In episode 5 the adult versions of Moo Yeol, Yoo Jung and Soo Hyuk will appear, and as some of you may have noticed on my “About ”  page ……. I want to apologize from now for my future fangirling over Shim Ji Ho who will play the adult Soo Hyuk.

Bye bye younger Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung~


  1. I seriously love this drama…so many big things happening here…although from the later episodes like number 5&6 the soo hyuk ane yoo jung have so much chemistry compared to moo yeol and yoo jung…seo yeon seems quite forced on us and feels like the episodes up till now are just to promote her…the love story between her and moo yeol seems under developed and seems lackluster compares to the small bits we see of yoo jung and soo hyuk

    1. I also loved the scenes between the teen ver of Yoo Jung and Soo Hyuk; too sad there were only a few seconds, where’s Moo Yeol and Yoo Rim who took most of the air time, but I think that’s mostly because they forced SY with her love story onto the viewer.

      To be honest the teen vers of Moo Yeol and Yoo Rim lacked chemistry compared with Soo Hyuk and Yoo Jung.

      I really hope Soo Hyuk won’t turn as the negative character, hey I’m still hoping the brothers will help each other….but considering the number of eps of this drama, anything can happen OTL

      Thank you for reading and for the comment! ^ ^

    2. CzakhaReina · · Reply

      I agree the mooyeol-yeorim moments feels so forced, mainly because of seohyun. I know its her first outing as an actress but I wish she had taken more acting lesson. the tidbit about suzy is just LoLed. I dont know why SM ent keeps forcing their artist into things that doesn’t suit them, For seohyun, i like her, but she should focus on singing and leave the acting to sooyoung (the only member who I liked seeing in dramas after 3rd hospital).
      Soohyuk-yoojung, their chemistry is amazing. i believe their connection even with little screen time and words. I think they connect well with each other…

      anyway thanks for the recap

      1. To be honest, she did better than I’ve expected but even so it was plain and somewhat awkward.

        Some may think that I’m against her because she is an idol, but I’m not….some of them just can’t act. I think FNC idols know how to act, I have yet to see one of their kids who can’t act.

        Thank you for reading and for the comment! ^ ^

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