[Jdrama] ‘My High School Business’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

Rosuke Narumi works at a trading company however after some internal conflicts within the company, he is appointed as the principal of a private high school. Although he has a math teaching certificate, can Narumi run the high school? I won’t say any more, you all have to find out what happens. Ha!

The drama showed teachers teaching, students learning and the school’s staff searching for ideas on how to improve their high school while giving the students information, plans and guideline for the future. A rare drama in which, high scholars are taught about life without sugar coating things yet in a way that it won’t discourage the future young adults that are preparing to enter society.

Hopes, dreams, plans and desires were four main aspects discussed in the drama but not in a cheesy way. Do you want to become a professional shogi player? Well, how about you have a plan B, just in case. You want to marry right after high school and become a housewife? What if in the future your husband can’t support the family anymore and you’ll have to be the one that comes with financial support? Become a housewife but have a plan B, just in case.

I enjoyed seeing the school staff, from the principal to the teachers not fully stopping the dreams of the students because those dreams might sound stupid or risky. Moreover, the parents were also made to understand the changes and important aspects that revolves around their children.

Although Narumi was not prepared to lead a high school, he somehow convinced the teacher to go back to their original purpose and remember why they like teaching and what made them become a teacher. Feeling content seeing your students understand and wanting to find more about the subject you teach. All of the school’s teachers found their lost pride as teachers and stopped sleeping in their shoes while working on improving their ways at the same time, trying to leave behind their laziness to guide the students for the future.

Compared to other dramas, this one’s focus doesn’t fall on the students but rather on the teachers and the parents who step by step realize their roles in the lives of the future the children.

Even though the drama might seem simplistic, it’s not the case. Right after the first episode, I could understand that the writer is going to lay out a good story that will catch my attention. And it really did catch my attention, I devoured the episodes without realising. It wasn’t the feeling of “oh my God, I need the next episode right now” it was more like “oh!? When did it finish, why did it finish so fast?” then I casually played the next episode.

The show had a nice vibe, the story was loose but not in a sloppy way, more like a nice chocolate mousse. You know how chocolate mousses can look overbearing and greasy but then you take a bite and you can’t help but think “oh, yes!! That’s the taste (I like)”. That’s how Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku was for me. Seemed overbearing but when I took a bite, it turned out to be quite a lose and fluffy show I could enjoy at every moment and every time of the day.


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