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[Kdrama] ‘Go Back Couple’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/opinion/review ~

I haven’t been a good blogger even though I started a lot of dramas this season. Well, truthfully speaking, it is easier to say a quick opinion on twitter about a drama I’m currently watching than making a full post and even if I make posts for the blog, I wonder if there are still […]

[Kdrama] ‘Age Of Youth 2’ ~ 1-14 END review/impression/opinion ~

Before the airing of the second seasons, a lot of people were angered with the changes in cast, myself included was a bit displeased, however it turned out to be a nice change. Of course we might be attached to certain actors or characters even so I do think that some changes were needed.

[Kdrama] ‘Girls’ Generation 1979’ ~ 1-8 END review/impression/opinion ~

A cute little drama that can bring out from deepest parts of your soul not only fluffy emotions but also complicated and complex ones that can create an inner struggle even as a viewer. Girl’s Generation 1979 was an interesting approach to the life of girls and women from 1979. As the title says, the […]

[Kdrama] ‘Save me (OCN)’ ~ 1-16 END review/impression/opinion ~

For me, Save Me is a show that explores the dirty desire of obtaining power, be it in politics, in religion or anywhere else. Humans desire power to put themselves above others by exploiting weak and hurt minds. Once they feel that their almost obtainable power is at stake, they can lose control over their […]

[Kdrama] ‘Temperature of Love’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I think I’m way over the age of making excuses for dramas just because I like the actors. Well, the actors aren’t at fault for what I’m going to say in my post but I’m not going to say that a drama is good just because I fancy them.

[Kdrama] Looking forward Autumn Season List (Sept-Oct 2017)

Autumn!!! My favourite season to watch dramas is here! I would give up on going out, having fun with friends or anything of that sort over a stay at home rainy autumn day watching dramas accompanied by my tea – that’s heaven to me, I swear!

[Kdrama] ‘Age of Youth 2’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’ve been delaying my post for the past two weeks but here I am now. I’m going to keep it short with my first impression. For the first two episodes, I felt like I need to watch more otherwise, I would’ve left Age of Youth 2 behind.