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[Kdrama] ‘Reunited Worlds’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

When I start new dramas, I always give second chances, moreover watching at least four episodes is a must for me so I won’t judge a show based on too little information. However, with this one I struggled. The acting is messing things for me and to be honest, the writing isn’t good either but […]

[Kdrama] ‘School 2017′ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I started this drama full of doubts but after watching the first two episodes, School 2017 isn’t as bad as people may think. Now don’t go on thinking that is a masterpiece because it’s not yet I found it good enough to entertain me.

[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ~ 1-16 END review/impression/opinion~

Fight For My Way is like a really beautiful fruit but with no actual taste.  When you bite into it, you think it’s flavorful at first l but as you chew there’s actually no taste.

[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 33-38~ review/impression/opinion~

I don’t like the direction this show is taking. I was having fun watching all the characters, but now I skip a lot of scenes. If there aren’t scenes that would make me understand the characters, or a character I’m curious about, I use the fast forward button and quite a lot I must say.

[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ep 13&14 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Joo Man tried so hard to find excuses for his own actions. His idea that he got swayed by the intern girl because he was reminded of Sul Hee in the past is a complete bullshit. He had the “original” Sul Hee, in the present, with him. The main character of his past memories with […]

[Kdrama] ‘Circle’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion~

It’s already been a few days since I finished this drama. I just wanted to let it sit so I won’t write my post quickly after I completed watching the show.

[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ep 9-12 [Breakup already] ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

There were some steamy scenes in episode 9 and 10. But noting over the board. In fact, if the writer were to make a “drunk sex scene then we started noticing our feelings for each other” type of thing then I would’ve dropped this drama all together. Good that it wasn’t the case. For Ae […]