[Kdrama] ‘My Father Is Strange’ ep 19&20~ review/impression/opinion~

Sometimes, when I watch Korean dramas I can feel the cultural differences. I don’t find it that weird for two people who are over 30 to be living together. But older people in Korean, and even some of the younger generation, may consider it to be an unthinkable thing for an unmarried couple to be living together but the problem isn’t these two episode was not that Hye Young was living with a man.

At first, maybe it was the shock but as I continued to watch episode 20, Hye Young’s mother made it clear to me that the major problem was not actually her daughter living with a man in the same house but the fact that that man was the son of the landowner, landowner who is also her worst enemy. Jung Hwan’s mother also made it clear that the problem was Hye Young and not the idea that him is living with his girlfriend. Leaving aside the fact that the two families, or more like the two mothers don’t like each other, I do understand them… in a way. Still, I don’t fully understand them since again, she is a 30 something woman. Well, there’s also the part that Hye Young did betray their trust. Also, I do blame a bit the situation on Hye Young. She doesn’t trust her relationship with Jung Hwan, where’s he wanted to take the relationship to a whole new level, yet she didn’t. Somehow, I feel that she doesn’t trust Jung Hwan at all. Yes, his mother is the one at fault for breaking them in the past, but Hye Young needs to talk things out with Jung Hwan. What I want to say is that in this whole situation, Hye Young is selfish, always does things her way. She doesn’t really consider the feelings of those around and when things get out, she makes excuses as if everything she did was for others when in fact everything was for herself. But, sometimes is good to be selfish. She even said it in episode 20 that her parents had too many expectation and that put pressure on her.

Jun Young continues to piss me off. Not like he did anything good but he lashes out on Joong Hee most of the times. He got his girlfriend pregnant when he clearly can’t support his future new family. Used the money he received from his parents to buy stuff for this girlfriend while he was supposed to be studying. He goes on like a bum without searching for a job and at the same time vents his anger on Jonng Hee.  He’s not in a position to be acting like he is considering that he wants to burden his parents more by having his girlfriend move in, when they could’ve moved to her apartment.

I do understand Jun Young and the other 3 sister’s dislike on Joong Hee, but Jun Young acts even more immature than Ra Young and always tries to put his sisters to be against the new guy. Also, they kind of put the blame on Joong Hee when supposedly he was a child from a relationship their father had before meeting his mother. Even if he was born from a relationship that happened during their father’s marriage with their mother, why are they blaming the whole issue on Joong Hee? Isn’t the father the one who should be blamed?

On the other hand, I’m glad Mi Young finally let her guard down around Joong Hee. She was actually the one who should’ve had a real reason for wanting to stay away from him after all Mi Young knew about his plan of “taking revenge on his father”. However, I hope they don’t drag the issue of the lie from the past. I do want to enjoy this couple but if the writer is going to keep the whole lie of the parents for too much then I’ll rather stop watching the show.

The youngest couple, Ra Young and Cheol Su are also cute. The two are more like the comic relief of this show and it’s enjoyable watching them. Especially him being confused about Ra Young. She’s a cute character and as I said it in my previous post, I like that the writer wants to make Cheol Su like Ra Young for being herself and by showing her true self. Adding that twin brother was a good idea for pushing Cheol Su to be fat aware of his little crush.



  1. The oppa, first child now married with a baby on the way, can not stop studying for the darn test. He could not have done double duty for years earning while studying. Why can’t the parents secure their own retirement and stop wasting money of their kid who clearly doesn’t want to do that kind of work or is incapable of passing the test? The dad runs a business. Why doesn’t he just cook which he likes or join the dad? If the eldest daughter can’t even live by herself without lying how can he take control of his life. It’s clear PD should have moved out long ago. I hate his mom but I do feel bad for her. Her husband and son aren’t being warm or attentive to her. She only has the potential to be close, even temporarily or by forced custom, to a daughter in law and any Inlaws she brings into the family.

    1. You are right, if they can’t even let their grown up daughter live by herself, how can we expect from their son to take the exam.

      I think that’s the plan of the writer, to make the brother work later on at his father’s show.

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