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[Jdrama] ‘My High School Business’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

Rosuke Narumi works at a trading company however after some internal conflicts within the company, he is appointed as the principal of a private high school. Although he has a math teaching certificate, can Narumi run the high school? I won’t say any more, you all have to find out what happens. Ha!

[Jdrama] ‘Yutori desu ga nani ka?’ ~ 1-10 END review/impression/opinion ~

I wondered a lot whether to post this review/opinion or to keep it to myself and just write on twitter that this is a worthy drama to watch and end it with that. Truthfully, I’m not sure if I can convey how good this drama was.  All the elements I appreciate from a drama were […]

[Jdrama] ‘Kataomoi’ ~ 1-6 END review/impression/opinion ~

First of all, before I start my post I want to make something clear. The drama tackles gender identity disorder as its major plot line, however as I’m not knowledged enough concerning this aspect, I can’t say if Kataomoi has done well in regards of making a good representation of the subject to its viewers.