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[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

The ‘School’ series continues with mystery made by two writers who barely have experience in writing dramas, giving us moments to pray for the story. Don’t get me wrong, I like whenever new writers pop up and give us a change however it’s a total story when it comes to more established forms of series.

[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 3 ~recap/review/opinion~

The 3 women enter the motel room and start making a scene, followed shortly by Jung Woo however they all learn fast that the husband was actually preparing an event for their wedding anniversary. Feeling unjust, especially after finding out that his wife was already preparing for a divorce, the husband wants to go forward […]

[Kdrama] ‘Falling for Innocence’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Another drama out of a large pot that uses heart transplant and love as a main reason for the plot yet it made me fall in love with a character who wasn’t supposed to have such a big impact on the story…or me. Anyone else fell for a character that died at the beginning of the […]

[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 41

This is episode 74 of ‘The Superman Returns’ Song Il Gook takes the triplets to another playground and Min Guk asks if they will have fun playing with him but after hearing about what they will eat, the boy is happy that they will eat rice wraps and shows it by singing a song. At […]

[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 2 ~recap/review/opinion~

Cheok Hee enters Jung Woo’s office and is invited by him to sit on his chair until they finally remember each other – and that happens pretty fast. Min Gyu follows into the office and has to hear the two babbling about how they don’t want to work together because according to Cheok Hee, Jung […]

[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 1 ~recap/review/opinion~

‘Divorce Lawyer in love’ is an okay drama, for now I’m not totally feeling it but there is a lot of potential from the story and what not, the characters. The acting is okay just that I’m expecting too much from both Cho Yeo Jeong and Yeon Woo Jin but since it was just the […]

[Kdrama] ‘The Lover’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’ve come across ‘The Lover’ purely by mistake because I’m a fan of Jung Joon Young and I heard he was doing this show but I didn’t give too much attention to the news or what the show was about so I simply watched the first episode and guess what? ‘The lover’ is so stupidly […]