I’m not ready for the summer dramas. Although the spring dramas weren’t what I was expecting, some ended up being a total mess, the summer dramas, or some of them, look so good even if the plot isn’t anything that will make us crazy in love, the casting for a few of them are making […]


With the disappointment from the first part of spring dramas, I eagerly waited for this drama. The reason? Of course Jo In Sung and writer No Hee Kyung! These two sure make a great team and this drama seemed interesting at first.


I didn’t post for a while now and I even skipped some recaps for ‘Five Children’. I still watch the drama and continues to be my favorite at the moment however in the last two or so weeks I couldn’t find the motivation to write anything. I don’t know why, I didn’t had a reason […]


Unfortunately, after the first week I’m not impressed. Or at least, not as much as I was expected to be. While having high expectations may be my fault, the overall feeling doesn’t give me the strength to keep on following this drama.


The father in law gets angry and shouts at his wife to look after him and Jin Joo like she does for Sang Tae. The wife doesn’t understand his source of anger and tells him that for 5 years, Sang Tae was always thinking of his dead wife and never looked at anyone else and […]


Sang Tae finds himself a way to get out of possible troubles and tells everyone that Assistant Ahn is someone from work and he just talked with that person so he said the name without noticing. The people from his family drop any act of suspicion but the mother-in-law isn’t ready to believe him and […]


Out of the blue Sang Tae kisses Mi Jung and no, this wasn’t a dream. Mi Jung can’t believe what just happened and asks her boss if he is drunk because he wouldn’t do that normally after all he doesn’t like her. But Sang Tae shocks her by confessing that he indeed likes her and […]


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