Drama world isn’t always on roses and their stories are not always on my liking. Being aware that dramas may disappoint you at some point, I still try to start new dramas with an open heart towards the actors, the plot or its production staff.


‘Beautiful Mind’ was an interesting watch. As I always say, I don’t like dramas with medical themes but if the show has a nice story to back it up, then I’m on board. For this drama, the backup story was filled in with Young Oh’s condition and that was probably the most interesting fact about […]


Before I start writing my opinion, I want to apologies for not continuing the Five Children recaps, however I just don’t have the time to do it anymore. Moreover, whenever I get a bit of free time, I rather use it to watch dramas rather than writing recaps. Another reason is that, I normally write […]


How is that every time I refuse to watch a drama at first, afterwards, when I give it a second chance, I end up crazily in love with its story. This drama hits home run so many times, with me at least. But I’m sure, that each female viewer finds herself within at least one […]


Mi Jung and Sang Tae return from the honey moon and are surprised to see that the children together with granny already unpacked and cleaned the house. Moments later, we see the whole family sitting in the living room. Sang Tae tells the others that it will be better if someone has a concern or […]


Are you always right? Or not? But can you face reality when you are not right and someone may get hurt because of your decision(s), can you confront the truth? These were the main questions of this week’s episodes.


Not sure if I have a lot of things to say about this drama to make a consistent post apart from some obvious problems but I will try anyway. Probably one of the most awaited drama of the year, Uncontrollably Fond started airing this week. With Suzy and Kim Woo Bin, I was expecting the […]