I’m stunned by the other girl’s guts, Yeo Joo. She definitely works hard for what she wants. She said it herself that she doesn’t have any pride. I did feel a bit sad for Yeo Joo when her family situation was revealed but still, I don’t think it’s right to destroy someone else’s happiness for […]


I won’t beat around the bush. I can’t digest the drama. No, I don’t think it is bad but maybe I don’t have the right mood to watch it. I normally watch Lee Min Ho’s stuff, even though I’m not a fan, however his projects are fun.


A drama with a somewhat complicated and much discusses casting finally premiered this week. Despite the criticism regarding the main actress, the show gave us a bubbly soon to be romance story.  Or at least, let’s hope they will do it right.


Yes! A comfortable rom com with an easy going story. Or at least that was until the writer decided to make Nan Gil sweat and lose consciousness on the middle of the street… hey writer, are you really going to do this? Couldn’t you just make a simple story about two random people falling in […]


A wife who keeps her true feelings away from her husband while putting a wall between her and him and a husband who is happy with his married life but doesn’t really do anything to maintain the happiness.


I quite like this drama. Well, definitely not what I would describe as an exciting drama yet there is something which I like about the story. Living together types of dramas were always my guilty pleasure, mostly because we can see the main characters interacting a lot. Even though the story is about a younger […]


Drama world isn’t always on roses and their stories are not always on my liking. Being aware that dramas may disappoint you at some point, I still try to start new dramas with an open heart towards the actors, the plot or its production staff.