Good thing I leave some dramas to marathon rather than watch when it airs. CRISIS is yet another good example of a show designed to marathon.  I find this one to be the normal detective type of drama. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table apart from the action scenes which are better prepared […]

Lately I’ve been venturing myself into Japanese dramas more since Korean ones aren’t what I’m looking forward to at this moment and Thai dramas which I want to watch are rarely subbed. And although I wanted to finish my currently watch list, I thought it will be good to add another one.

When I start new dramas, I always give second chances, moreover watching at least four episodes is a must for me so I won’t judge a show based on too little information. However, with this one I struggled. The acting is messing things for me and to be honest, the writing isn’t good either but […]

Project S the series: Spike, a well produced, written and acted show whose main points are volleyball and inner struggles. During my years of watching Asian dramas, I’ve seen quite of few using a sport as their main theme, however for this one, they actually show the characters practicing and thinking of strategies for their […]

I started this drama full of doubts but after watching the first two episodes, School 2017 isn’t as bad as people may think. Now don’t go on thinking that is a masterpiece because it’s not yet I found it good enough to entertain me.

Fight For My Way is like a really beautiful fruit but with no actual taste.  When you bite into it, you think it’s flavorful at first l but as you chew there’s actually no taste.

I finally finished Water Boyy The Series. Horrible executed show. The potential was pretty high in the first couple of episodes for some characters but then it got so bad story wise and most importantly acting wise.