Seeing her husband kissing the much younger Seol Ri, Hae Gang runs to the elevator but in front of the door she doesn’t say anything when she sees the two getting off. Before taking her leave, Hae Gang invites Seol Ri to come and eat with them. At the restaurant, the wife asks Seol Ri […]


At the laboratory, one of Jin Eon’s colleagues keeps complaining about dating and marriage and he tells the man to try dating because maybe afterwards he will marry someone, the colleague tells him that nothing is left if you marry out of love, or maybe resentment is the only thing that remains if someone marries […]


The first episode starts with Yong Gi talking on the phone with her grandmother who was having dreams and she advices the older lady to try and sleep some more and dream of other things because dreams can beat dreams (according to Yong Gi). Eventually she comes to the conclusion that her grandmother shouldn’t sleep […]


Something between bad and good that’s what ‘My beautiful bride’ is for me. I was skeptical in the beginning that this show may be something over the normal dramas but seeing how everyone was praising the story I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and watch it. Weirdly enough, the start wasn’t as good as […]


I’m not sure if Yong Pal is doing a good job or the writer is just giving us false hopes that this drama may actually be something worth giving your time to. From the way I see it, the drama certainly has a positive effect on the viewers, given the constantly growing ratings but that […]


We are going back to the question ‘are monsters being born or raised?’. There is no defined answer for this. However I would’ve liked to see more of the psychological aspect of the two criminals, Min and Lee Joon Young. At the end of the day I didn’t quite understood Min, was he raised or […]


I think I already proved my love for weekend family dramas more than once. No matter how cheesy others may think of these dramas or how mediocre some plots may be, I’m enjoying them. The stories have comedy, romance, action (not always) but lately most turned to be makjang. The big idea with family dramas […]


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