[Kdrama] ‘Passionate Love’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Things are getting fired up and it’s only the second episode.  But as expected, the fathers in Korean dramas are always at fault for the whole mess.

A long way of heartbroken moments are waiting for us especially in regards of Moo Yeol and Soo Hyuk, and that is because of the greed of the adults.

The recap:

Tae Shin’s secretary finished the investigation on Moon Do and Nan Cho, and tells Tae Shin that the boy, Soo Hyuk, from the pictures is Moon Do’s biological son that he had with the mistress, Nan Cho. Afterwards, Tae Shin goes to Moo Yeol’s high school to take his grandson out for lunch. Unfortunately, before preparing to go to a restaurant, Tae Shin faints in the middle of the street. Although the grandfather wanted to keep it a secret from the other family members, especially Moon Do, later at the hospital, the family finds out the he has a brain tumor.

While the family was scolding the grandfather for keeping it a secret from them, when Moo Yeol gets out of the hospital room, he hears his father telling the nurse to not let the grandfather receive any personal phone calls and that he will have security in front of the room – Moon Do was trying to stop Tae Shin from changing his will, however in front of Moo Yeol he says that the grandfather needs complete rest and took all those measures so that no one will disturb Tae Shin.

Yoo Rim works as an intern for an animal hospital. But she has difficulties when a couple in process of divorcing came to take their ‘baby’ dog. The wife was threatening Yoo Rim that if she gives the dog to her future-ex-husband she will sue her, and the husband was threatening that he will destroy the hospital if Yoo Rim give the dog to his future-ex-wife. When Moo Yeol, who was supposed to meet up with Yoo Rim arrives, he gives the couple an idea – to let the dog choose with which of the two will go. The dog chooses the wife.

Afterwards, Moo Yeol asks Yoo Rim what she knows about brain tumor, after telling him what she knows about brain tumor, the girl cheers him up.

Moon Do spends another night with his mistress and son, while his family thinks that he is staying overnight at the company.

When Moo Yeol arrives at the hospital, his grandfather tells him that he has something important to do and can’t wait for another day, but to do that he needs Moo Yeol to distract the bodyguard who was at the door. Moo Yeol successfully fools the security. Before going to do the urgent thing he wanted to (actually he wanted to change his will before it was too late), Tae Shin takes Moo Yeol to eat lunch together. During lunch, the grandfather tells Moo Yeol that although he and Moon Do lived a tainted he wishes that Moo Yeol wouldn’t live like them and that he believes in him.

Later, Moon Do is informed about Moo Yeol helping his grandfather leave the hospital, and puts someone to follow the grandfather.

After having lunch with his grandson, Tae Shin goes to Han Sung Bok (Yoo Jung and Yoo Rim’s father) to give him a new will in case something happens with him.

On her way to the academy (more like after-school), Yoo Jung sees some middle school kids bulling another kid.  She tries to stop them, but her shoe flies on Soo Hyuk’s face, who was coming to enroll at the same academy.

Tae Shin goes to visit his second daughter. Although until then he was against her relationship with her boyfriend Min Soo, because they still didn’t get married and just lived together, Tae Shin calls Min Soo son-in-law for the first time and asks him to look after Moo Yeol.

Moo Yeol meets up with Yoo Rim. She gives him more information about brain tumor. Seeing how she cheers him on, Moo Yeol finally confesses to Yoo Rim that he likes her. The two spend the whole afternoon together.  However, while on a ride with Moo Yeol’s motorbike, they get into a minor accident.

At the police station, although the accident was minor and it wasn’t Moo Yeol’s fault, the police tell him that he can’t leave until someone comes to take him, since he is still a minor, at the same time his father enters the police station. Moon Do blames Yoo Rim for the accident, telling her that although she is an University student she should’ve acted more mature. Still in shock because she didn’t knew that Moo Yeol was a high school student, Yoo Rim leaves.

Home, Moon Do starts shouting at Moo Yeol, but this time the mother takes her son’s side. Later, after all the shouting, when everyone calmed down, Tae Shin who sees Eun Sook drinking alone, tells her that if she doesn’t see herself living her whole life with Moon Do, she should divorce him.

Disappointed, Yoo Rim keeps crying. Seeing Yoo Rim crying, Yoo Jung takes her sister’s phone and calls Moo Yeol to swear at him for making Yoo Rim suffer.

During the night, Tae Shin decides to confront Moon Do and ask him about Nan Cho and Soo Hyuk. Tae Shin tells Moon Do to quietly quit the company and divorce his daughter, but Moon Do refuses. At the same time Moo Yeol who just came home was listening to their conversation, and hears them fight. Moon Do tells Tae Shin that he won’t leave the company because he deserves it after working so hard. In the mist of the fight, the grandfather faints.


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