[Kdrama] ‘Will you love and give it away?’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m starting to dislike the main couple, they break up in every episode…it’s only the 3rd episode, are they going to do so for all the 50 episodes of this drama. Even among all those break ups of the main couple, I still had hope they’ll end up together, however, I sense that the writer is planning to make Jae Min – Ha Kyung a couple and Mi Joo – Ha Rim a couple.

The recap:

After Jae Min failed to make it to the appointment he had with Mi Joo, he waits for her at her apartment. When she comes back, Jae Min tries to explain himself, however Mi Joo tells him that she wants to break up. Out of desperation (maybe) he thinks that it was the perfect moment to fall on his knees and ask her to marry him, of course Mi Joo doesn’t take it seriously.

Next day, Jae Min continues to work as Ha Kyung’s bodyguard/driver. When she appears, Jae Min has a rather irritated attitude towards her, she apologizes to him but calls Jae Min naïve since she did told him yesterday to leave and could’ve make it to his appointment. After driving Ha Kyung to the company, Jae Min sends a message to Mi Joo apologizing again for not making it to their appointment the night before.

Sung Hoon who is still much in love with his wife and wants (still) wants to spend time just him and his wife, has a good good idea – to travel around Europe during the winter break and of course the wife doesn’t approve of his idea.  Seeing how his wife is always thinking of the children and rarely giving attention to this guy, I smell that he will pretty soon get a mistress.

Later Yoo Jin who is making preparations for the weekend when Jae Min will bring his girlfriend to meet the family, calls her brother to ask what it will be good to cook. Afterwards she calls Yoo Ra to remember her about the family meeting during the weekend, Yoo Jin also asks Yoo Ra to behave herself during the dinner.

During lunch break, Ha Kyung wanted to apologize again and buy Jae Min lunch, but he rushes to find Mi Joo at her work place. Although he misses her, in the end they meet when she returns after eating lunch. He tries to apologize again and asks for another chance, still, Mi Joo doesn’t want to listen to anything he has to say.

Eun Joo gives some money to her mother and tells her to go to the hospital do a checkup. Yeon Hee asks Ho Sub to help her go to the hospital, but considering his laziness he then calls his son, Byeong Joo ( Mi Joo’s brother) to asks him for food because his wife is sick he barely eat and now he is ………..malnourished.

Although Yoo Ra is acting like a teenager when it comes to her father thinking that he cheated on her mother, she seems to enjoy the date with her very much married boyfriend. Hypocrite!

Mi Joo gets scolded by her boss for doing a mistake at work, mistake which later it is found that it wasn’t even her fault. Jae Min keeps calling her but because Mi Joo didn’t answer her phone; he decides to wait for her at her apartment.  When she arrives, Jae Min tries again to explain himself, even so Mi Joo tells him that she started to doubt his feeling for her because although they dated for 2 years, Jae Min barely talked with her about his family since she told him everything about her family. (mother and father divorced, and the father remarried). Eventual Mi Joo accepts Jae Min’s apology.

Jae Min: I don’t want to break up! I feel like I can do anything if we’re together.

The next day, Ha Kyung is contacted and informed that the materials for the VIP products that were supposed to be handed out at the event she was organizing didn’t arrive – and because of that, Jae Min who is her driver had to drive her around from factory to factory, may be late again – that day, he was supposed to go with Mi Joo and introduce her to his family.

Jae Min calls Mi Joo to tell her that he may be a little late in meeting her. She tells him that they will also have to buy a gift for his family members since she can’t go empty handed on the first meeting with Jae Min’s family.

While helping Ha Kyung with her products for her VIP quests, Jae Min seems to have discovered his talent in design. When the time to leave comes, Jae Min tells Ha Kyung to return to the company by herself and he rushes to meet Mi Joo.

After receiving Jae Min’s call, Mi Joo enters a store to buy a cake, however she remembers Jae Min saying “don’t worry about the gift”, she leaves the store.

Random thoughts:

Mi Joo is starting to be such a pain in the a**; Jae Min is doing everything he can so that he’ll get a proper full time job so that they can marry, but in every episode all Mi Joo says is “let’s break up, I can’t take it anymore”. At this point I’m starting to not tcare about the main couple, and Jae Min with Ha Kyung may be a better choice…

Mi Joo is always with a “I’m the only one suffering in this relationship”-kind of attitude towards Jae Min when the guy is always running around trying to get a proper job so he can support her and their future children. What the heck woman?!?!


  1. Well, it would help if you know he called her saying he can’t make it. Instead he tells her to wait because he is going, but ends up standing her up after hours. Plus, he needs to be more responsible.

    1. Because he had to drive Ha Kyung around that’s why he didn’t make it on time. How come he isn’t responsible when he is trying to keep that workplace so he can marry Mi Joo and support her financiallyin the future? Is not like he went to play around and didn’t make it on time. She needs to be more understanding to be honest.

      1. While it’s true that she could have been understanding, he should have been the one to communicate. It wouldn’t have taken that much energy to just simply tell her that he was running late. Being kept waiting without any heads up translates into a fundamental disrespect to the person kept waiting. We know that it’s because he doesn’t communicate well, whether it be out of pride or embarrassment or whatnot. But she doesn’t have the luxury of that knowledge. It comes across as disrespect and lack of reliability. How can anyone plan to build a future in that instance? It’s entirely understandable.

      2. What? he doesn’t communicate well?

        He did tell her that he was running late, he did contacted her in both cases when (let’s say) he stood her her up.
        If you want to say he doesn’t communicate well when it comes to him not telling Mi Joo about his family, after all everything Yoo Ra does is making him pitiful for having another mother (for him and in that society, coming from a mistress isn’t prideful), then yes Jae Min doesn’t know how to communicate, however when she showed her discontent in regards of not knowing anything about his family, Jae Min decided to introduce Mi Joo to his family…. my point is that he is running around to keep that workplace so he can support Mi Joo financially after they get married, it’s not like he is running late for partying or sleeping or whatever…

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