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[News] Shim Ji Ho become a dad!!!

I have a great news for Shim Ji Ho fans! Although I normally write about dramas, and barely post any news, but since I love Shim Ji Ho (as a fan of course) I want to share some news with the other fans.

MAYDAY to release “Bitter Blood” theme song as a single

Mayday decided to release the theme song of the Fuji TV drama “Bitter Blood” on 4th June as a single. The CD ver. single will include 5 songs that want to give the overflowing thought of “singing the life’s essential”. In addition, the drama ver. will include a bonus track full of onomatopoeias.

[Update] Kim Da Hyun in discussion for “Dad, where are you going? 2”

According to multiple sources, Kim Da Hyun is discussing to join the second season of the MBC variety show “Dad, where are you going?”. Kim Da Hyun married his wife in 2008, following their marriage, in 2009 his wife gave birth to their first son, and last year she gave birth to the couple’s second […]

Park Hae Jin stills/BTS from Chinese drama ‘Popcorn’

All the credits for the pictures goes to WM Company. As most of you know (or at least the Park Hae Jin fans), Hae Jin recorded for two Chinese dramas; “Faraway love” –  will premier on HunanTV near the end of this year (or at the beginning of 2014) with a total of 26 episodes […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official stills & translated characters chart

There are some behind the scenes on the MBC  ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official site, I can’t post them here but anyone can check them on the MBC site – no registration needed. A small request: If someone wants to use the characters chart, please do not delete my watermark.

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ press conference

As you all know “I summon you Gold” ended last weekend – a rather disappointing ending, however, on the 28th September, “Will You Love and Give It Away?”, another 50 episodes family drama will take its place. Plot:  The story is about an older married couple at their second marriage and their grown up children […]

Shim Ji Ho’s upcoming family drama “Passionate Love”

Hallelujah!!! Shim Ji Ho in a 50 episode family drama and I’m extra happy! The plot is pretty much the typical kdrama family drama story: “A humanistic melodrama that follows the tragic love and success story of a man and woman who get tangled up in tragic destinies due to conflicts in their parents’ generation. […]

[News] Shim Ji Ho ties the knot after 3 years of dating

Got a news for all the fans of Shim Ji Ho ( ‘Color of Woman’; ‘Shut up Family’) actor Shim Ji Ho got married on July 20th at Lotte Hotel in Seoul. I really wondered where he disappeared all this time, but it seems that he vanished from the spotlight to prepare for the wedding. […]