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[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ~ final review/impression/opinion ~

One of the most waited Japanese drama of the year has been a disappointing rating wise, yet the production and the acting never disappointed. Seeing the ratings barely getting 13 was kind of sad especially since in every episode it was obvious the detailed work that the staff did to make this drama.

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 7 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

Not sure if while I watch I understand or I’m getting more confused. In every episode they give new information and they actually clarity some things, however, I feel like I don’t understand. At least we got the Shingai story done – well, partially. But at least we know what’s his idea, still what’s the […]

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 6 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

I don’t recommend to anyone to watch this episode during the day. Other than that, this episode was by far the best, not to mention that we finally get to understand more since we got to know more about Shingai and his past, also we got to know what happened on the day of the […]

[Jdrama] MOZU season 2 ~ press conference pictures ~

The press conference of the second season of MOZU, drama-project between TBS-WOWOW was held in the Tokyo Metropolitan area on 20th June (Friday). The director, Hasumi Eiichiro and the cast members Nishijima Hidetoshi, Maki Yoko, Ikematsu Sosuke went on stage to greet the audience.

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 5 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

This was one epic episode! So many fighting scenes, moreover Miki may be the badass of the badass among females from dramas. She pretty much owns them all. Other than that, I liked seeing Osugi, Kuraki and Miki working together, even though Osugi and Miki were pushed back to make space for Kuraki’s memories, I […]

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 4 ~ recap/impression/opinion ~

Because of my break from dramas, I decided to stop recapping MOZU for a while, but since I like this drama more and more, I’ve returned to recap it. We are still at the point of understanding our 3 main characters, Kuraki, Miki and Osugi thus this episode was mainly focused on Osugi’s story and […]

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 3 ~ quick recap/impression/opinion ~

This episode didn’t give much to the story, however the producers knew how to fill the emptiness….with 20 minutes of half naked Nishijima Hidetoshi – yep, it was worth the time.

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 2 ~ quick recap/impression/opinion ~

I just finished the second episode of MOZU, and still liking this drama, even more I must say. However after being spoiled with 90 minutes of it on the first episode, it felt like this episode went by too fast. In this episode I noticed the amount of scenes where Kuraki smokes, which is kind […]

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 2 ~ written preview translation ~

The explosion from the center of the town at the business district injured and caused the death of many, and at the same time hurt the hearts of many. In a recuperation room, a little girl who saw before her eyes the explosion, keeps drawing a picture with crayons. Scattered around, the girl paints paints paints […]

[Jdrama] ‘MOZU’ Season 1 ep 1 ~ first impression/opinion ~

Yes yes yes yes yes!! This is the type of drama I was waiting for. “MOZU” – first episode had an average of 13.3% ratings and “BORDER”s first episode had a 9.7% rating points. For those who watched “Double face” the names of Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kagawa Teruyuki may made them look forward in excitement […]