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From Soori: Merry Christmas to ya’ll! Ho ho ho~♪♪ Santa’s here!

[Kdrama] Park Hae Jin ‘You Who Came From the Stars’ press conference

Park Hae Jin is finally back to kdrama land and guess who is happy? Yes, me me me! After recording mostly in China he is back in a Korean drama ….as the second lead guy.  But anyway, since tomorrow is the premier of “You Who Came From the Stars” I must warn you all that […]

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official stills & translated characters chart

There are some behind the scenes on the MBC  ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ official site, I can’t post them here but anyone can check them on the MBC site – no registration needed. A small request: If someone wants to use the characters chart, please do not delete my watermark.

[Kdrama] ‘Will You Love and Give It Away?’ press conference

As you all know “I summon you Gold” ended last weekend – a rather disappointing ending, however, on the 28th September, “Will You Love and Give It Away?”, another 50 episodes family drama will take its place. Plot:  The story is about an older married couple at their second marriage and their grown up children […]

Park Hae Jin stills from the last shooting of Cdrama “Faraway love”

As some of you may know already, Park Hae Jin got casted in two Chinese dramas, one will air near the end of this year, and the other one will air in 2014. WM Entertainment graced us with some stills from the last shoot of “Faraway love” that took place in Qingdao.

[Kdrama] ‘I summon you gold!’ gifs ~ Han Ji Hye & Yun Jung Hoon

Since I’m so into ‘I summon you gold” lately, I decided to make some gifs of Mong Hee and Hyun Soo, although at first I wasn’t too fond of them as a couple, since I still believe Hyun Soo and Yoona loved each other and just need to be honest with themselves, but now I’m starting […]

Park Hae Jin stills/BTS from Chinese drama “Faraway love”

Filming started in April and will end somewhere in July but “Far Away Love” will air near the end of this year.  Park Hae Jin will play the role of a young (heartbroken) restaurant owner. He will fall in love with a bright girl who is struggling to raise her younger sister. According to WM, […]

[Kdrama] Lee Jong Suk Gifs “I Hear Your Voice’’ episode 1

Can be shared/reposted but add credits and do not hotlink. Recap of episode 1 here The rest of the gifs under the cut. Enjoy!

[Kdrama] Gifs ‘Five Fingers’ ~ Ji Chang Wook & Joo Ji Hoon ~

I just had to gif these parts from episode 5 – I wanted to do more, but I think I’ll make it as a ‘part one gif set and part 2 gif set’ – and I’ll come back with the second set late. Watching this episode just broke my heart, it makes me so angry […]

[Kactor] Pictorial ~ Park Seo Joon for Fast Magazine ~

Rookie actor Park Seo Joon shows a neat style and unique feeling in the fashion magazine ‘Fast Magazine’. Although I’ve seen him in Dream High (don’t know why but after Dream High I always lived with the impression that Park Seo Joon was a JYP trainee but it seems I was wrong) he caught my […]