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[Kdrama] ‘Tomorrow With You’ ep 5&6 ~ review/impression/opinion~

I still don’t get this drama. I was really eager to see these two episodes thinking that we will at least get some hints about where the story is going towards. But this time as well, the writer was stinky and didn’t share anything that could possibly make me understand this show or its characters.

[Kdrama] ‘Tomorrow With You’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I will be quick with this opinion post. I like ‘Tomorrow with you’ but I’m not fully enjoying it. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing way too many hints thus I’m unable to focus on the story.

[Kdrama] ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ ep 1- 12 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

Teenagers versus adults, we all have seen this type of stories until now. It isn’t something new but compared to the other dramas or movies with the same subject, Solomon’s Perjury had the advantage mostly because it wasn’t fully about the battle of the generations. By the end, each character understood its own mistakes and […]

[Kdrama] ‘Introverted Boss’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I didn’t want to write my review after watching just 2 episode therefore I delayed my post, thinking that maybe things will change however at this point I’m still not sure what to think about Introverted Boss. I’m still debating whether is good or not.

[Jdrama] Winter dramas I’m currently watching ~ review/opinion

Lately I have watched a bunch of Japanese dramas and I noticed a growing trend nowadays. A common topic among Japanese dramas is girls who can’t get married or younger guy older girl romance. Most of the times, the stories don’t offer in depth details and just focus on the story’s surface. Surprisingly, this season […]