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[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 9-12 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I love it that Seol is finally feed up with the others who just suck off of her work. Personally I think she proceeded well by taking out Sang Chul. I understand that he may indeed have family problems as it was shown around episode 1 or 2 but that doesn’t mean others have to […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 7&8 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I don’t want Seol to end with either Jung or In Ho. Really, I don’t. At least in Jung’s case it is psychological while In Ho is just a brat. He is like a Chihuahua dog, will always bark but never bite. In Ho failed to see the sufferings of his sister as she had […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ episode 6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I have to wait a whole week! That’s sad. I shouldn’t be comparing but with Reply I was so eager to watch every new episodes just to see the details and find out faster who the husband is (yeah, it was my fault for getting caught in that) but with Cheese In The Trap I’m […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ episode 5 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

This week I’m going to post one episode at a time because I had to say a lot regarding episode 5 thus I didn’t want to get influenced by what will happen in the following one. Strangely after episode 5, I started to understand In Ha and Jung more or at least I think I […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 3&4~ impression/ opinion/review ~

With each new week I’m loving the drama but at the same time I can’t understand the people who glorify the manhwa. It was a good read but after reading some of it, I can’t find myself enjoying it as much as I enjoy the drama, but then again as I already said in my […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cheese in the Trap’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

What has the New Year brought us? A really good drama, wohohohoho! I was so excited for this mainly because Park Hae Jin is a member of the cast but I actually fell in love with ‘Cheese in the trap’ after watching the first two episodes. This is for sure a good start! Ha!

[Kdrama] ‘What Happens to My Family?’ ep 9-23 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

It’s been a long time since I posted a review about the weekend family drama ‘What Happens to My Family?’. This drama still manages to capture my attention with the characteristics of family dramas, their overflowing characters. Compared to my first post on the story which was focused on my overall first impression over the […]

[Kdrama] ‘What Happens to My Family?’ ep 1-8 ~ first impression/opinion~

I’m finally back to drama land after a long road of studying and doing projects, and the best way for me to restart integrating myself into the Kdrama land is a family drama – “What Happens to My Family?”. As I already said it since I started my blog, I love family dramas, mostly because […]

[Kvariety] ‘Roommate’ episode 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion ~

I recently started watching the new variety (?) show “Roommate” where they put 11 celebrities to live together. Because most people I follow on tumblr, twitter and so on kept talking about it, I watched it …. Another reason is because I didn’t want to start a new drama. Anyhow, since lots of people were […]

[Kdrama] ‘Cunning Single Lady’ ep 8-10 ~ impression/opinion ~

Such annoying main characters. Leaving aside their past problems, as a couple, I find both Jung Woo and Ae Ra so annoying to watch. Those two, if they divorced then they should already cut ties, if they still feel something for each other, then be it, but why make others feel pitiful as well?