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[Kdrama] ‘I summon you gold!’ gifs ~ Han Ji Hye & Yun Jung Hoon

Since I’m so into ‘I summon you gold” lately, I decided to make some gifs of Mong Hee and Hyun Soo, although at first I wasn’t too fond of them as a couple, since I still believe Hyun Soo and Yoona loved each other and just need to be honest with themselves, but now I’m starting […]

[Kdrama] Lee Jong Suk Gifs “I Hear Your Voice’’ episode 1

Can be shared/reposted but add credits and do not hotlink. Recap of episode 1 here The rest of the gifs under the cut. Enjoy!

[Kdrama] Gifs ‘Five Fingers’ ~ Ji Chang Wook & Joo Ji Hoon ~

I just had to gif these parts from episode 5 – I wanted to do more, but I think I’ll make it as a ‘part one gif set and part 2 gif set’ – and I’ll come back with the second set late. Watching this episode just broke my heart, it makes me so angry […]