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[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 15 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Finally love is rising! Well not actually love, it’s the ‘starting to like’ stage.  Still not sure if I like the ‘current couples’ – Jiyoon started to like Ji Ho and Hee Bong started to like Al – but to be honest Hee Bong’s “relationship” with Jiho is more like the normal Korean drama relationship; […]

[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 14 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Won’t recap episode 13 since Ji Ho, Al nor Seo Joon appear in it. After watching this episode I wonder what on Earth isn’t Al good at?! He’s good at everything – cooking, massage, has medical knowledge and many other stuff! Also every ajumma in that town loves him. –   Going to omit the parts […]

[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 12 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I’m back! Actually I came back home last weekend, but delayed the recaps because I was busy with ….life (?) in general. Anyway, now I’m back at recapping – and I’ll try to write about ‘Shut up family’ since I am way behind. I decided to recap episode 12, although Ji Ho, Al and Seo […]

[Kdrama] Gifs ‘Five Fingers’ ~ Ji Chang Wook & Joo Ji Hoon ~

I just had to gif these parts from episode 5 – I wanted to do more, but I think I’ll make it as a ‘part one gif set and part 2 gif set’ – and I’ll come back with the second set late. Watching this episode just broke my heart, it makes me so angry […]

[Kactor] Pictorial ~ Park Seo Joon for Fast Magazine ~

Rookie actor Park Seo Joon shows a neat style and unique feeling in the fashion magazine ‘Fast Magazine’. Although I’ve seen him in Dream High (don’t know why but after Dream High I always lived with the impression that Park Seo Joon was a JYP trainee but it seems I was wrong) he caught my […]

[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 10 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is pretty much showing that boys can be really superficial when it comes to beautiful girls and not so beautiful girls. Actually from my point of view it’s just girls who love themselves too much and girls who don’t like themselves/their persona. For this episode I’ll write a little about Hee Bong and […]