[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 48 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Those who are fans of the couple Yoona-Hyun Soo will have a real feast in this episode.

Well, the story also has a brighter light than the older episodes, considering the fact that everyone apologized and forgive…. Actually there is still a problem in this drama, and that problem’s name is Shim Dok who still acts like a teenage girl hitting her puberty – thinking everyone is at fault for everything.

Hyun Joon looses conscious for a while, fortunately after a few minutes he wakes up. The whole family is contacted and updated with Hyun Joon’s state, when they hear he woke up, they all rush to the hospital.

At the commoners’ house, the maternal grandmother shows off in front of the paternal grandmother by telling her that she and Shim Dok spend their time at a 5 starts hotel. When Shim Dok comes home from work, Min Jung was washing the floor – everything Min Jung does annoys Shim Dok. Later Byung Ho tells Shim Dok that Yoona wants to come and pay them a visit.

Dok Hee finishes packing her stuff and apologizes to Mong Hyun for giving her a hard time. Sung Eun also packs her stuff to move together with the mother in law, but Yoona doesn’t really want to be separated from Aram.

Hyun Soo tells him mother that she can move back in the main house, where her place actually is, but she refuses saying that after all those years, she feels more at ease where she currently is and that Dok Hee shouldn’t move out. Hyun Soo also visits his father in the country side and informs him that his mother doesn’t want to move in the main house, therefore Dok Hee should continue to live there – even so Soon Sang says that Hyun Soo should live there, because he decided to live in the country side house.

Sung Eun takes Aram to visit her father. So that there will be memories for Aram with her father, they go to take family photos.

Young Ae tells Dok Hee that they should move together in her house but Dok Hee refuses. After looking for the last time around the house she lived in for the past 20 years, Dok Hee burst into tears. Hyun Soo sees Dok Hee crying and tells her that she can continue to live there, since his mother won’t be moving there, however Dok Hee refuses again, saying that that house isn’t her place and she should move out. Before leaving and while everyone was saying goodbye to Aram, Dok Hee and Sung Eun; Soon Sang comes but just watches from his car.

Later, Mong Hyun, Hyun Tae, Yoona and Hyun Soo go inside the house. When Hyun Soo asks Yoona to move back into their apartment, Yoona tells him that he should propose to her, after all their marriage was arranged by their parents and she is a woman as well, dreaming of being proposed to. Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun start making fun of Hyun Soo when Yoona tells her husband to kneel down and propose to her. Embarrassed, Hyun Soo doesn’t want to do it in front of Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae. Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae go even deeper with their jokes, and Yoona plays along even telling Hyun Soo how to propose to her:

Yoona: The world’s most beautiful Mrs. Son Yoona, I can’t live without you. When I open my eyes in the morning, I want you to be next to me.

Embarrassed, Hyun Soo tells Yoona to get up and hugs her. Because he was to shy when Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae started saying “kiss kiss kiss”, Yoona goes to him and kisses her husband,

Hyun Joon and the rest enjoy their time in the country side – at their new house.

Hyun Soo prepares an event for Yoona – with candles and everything. He even puts a ring in the cake (laaaaammmeeeee but whatever). Seeing that there’s no reaction from Yoona, Hyun Soo thinks that she swallowed the ring but in fact she found the ring but was hiding it in her hand.

Yoona visits Mong Hee’s family, but as she was raised in a rich family in America, she isn’t used to sit on the floor. Yoona tries to overcome her own personality by acting nice towards the family.

When Mong Hee comes home from work, she sees Min Jung outside. After Yoona left, Mong Hee tells Shim Dok to be nicer towards Min Jung. The conversation fires up and in comes to the point of Shim Dok blaming Mong Hee for the situation Mong Gyu and Min Jung are in, eventually Shim Dok says something that can be interpreted as regretting to have raised Mong Hee. Feed up with the whole situation, Byung Ho tells Shim Dok that he wants to divorce because he doesn’t want to see Min Jung act like how Shim Dok is now, in the future, since Shim Dok is taking her anger out on Min Jung, like how the paternal grandmother did it in the past towards Shim Dok.

Hyun Tae starts working for the jewelry company, but at the shop. Sadly for him, his boss is Shim Dok and he ends up having a hard time as how Hyun Soo used to have when he worked in the shop.

Soon Sang and Hyun Soo’s mother meet up, and he tells her that he wants to give her a place to live in.

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