[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 35

This is episode 68 of ‘The Superman Returns’

I’m late again with the recap however last weekend, MBC’s drama “The legendary witch” ended so I wanted to catch up with it and write a review for that show I had to delay the post for the triplets. Regarding this episode of ‘Superman returns’ there is barely anything happening because what they mostly do is eat and eat some more also the episode was kind of poorly edited.

The triplets are in a good mood singing while Il Gook cooks their breakfast. Dae Han starts saying that the chair he is sitting isn’t actually his but Min Guk’s. When the father tells him that from today that is this chair, Dae Han isn’t pleased with his answer, luckily the father manages the solve the problem and the two brothers change chairs.

Breakfast is made and the boys are served triangle rice ball since lately the boys started to like dried seaweed. According to Il Gook, the triplets like dried seaweed so much that they don’t eat rice so he started giving them triangle rice balls. After both Min Guk and Man Se received their rice balls, the last one to receive is Dae Han but as the father was making his, Man Se tells him to do it slowly because it will hurt the dolphin (the thing that makes triangles has the shape of a dolphin). Everyone enjoys their breakfast but after finishing eating, Min Guk asks for more.

Later that day, Il Gook takes the boys and in the car as he was telling them what they can eat at a market, Min Guk interrupts his father saying that he wants to eat fish cakes – yet the boy says fish cake (eomuk) as odeng but Il Gook corrects him. Even so, when he asks them what else they want to eat, the triplets joke around and say odeng. (both versions are correct just that odeng come from the Japanese oden)

The conversation regarding food is stopped when Il Gook sees another car having as a plate number the nick name given by his fans thus he decides to ask the boys if they know his name. Again, Min Guk succeeds but when Man Se is asked, the boy simply says the word “name”. Min Guk jumps to help and says “Song Il Gook”.

Arrived at the market, the triples are amazed at seeing the new things and especially a lot of food. While looking around, Min Guk says that he sees grasshopper (served as food) but Il Gook quickly tells him that the shop doesn’t have grasshoppers. Next, Man Se thinks of mok (a jelly like food) as soap but Il Gook corrects him after that I think the boys were just joking around because they (actually Min Guk) call a chicken a ‘horse’.

They continue to walk around the market and the father sees ajumma pants and decides to buy a pair each for the boys. The father sees more country-like style stuff and wants to even buy rubber shoes for the triplets, luckily the store didn’t had those kind of shoes for children.

While wondering around, they finally find a food stall with fish cakes and other Korean street food. But in this episode, the one who shows off his eating is actually Il Gook after eating together with the boys 16 sticks (of fish cakes). Still it doesn’t end there because after fish cakes they eat sundae (blood sausage).

Guess what’s next after a walk around the marked and some snacks? Yes, exactly, some more food thus Il Gook takes the 3 to a restaurant to eat blood sausage soup. Min Gook and Man Se finish their soups and when Dae Han also finishes his, the father fills him with kisses. However, Min Guk wants to eat some more stunning Il Gook with the sudden request.

Another day, Il Gook takes the boys for another outing and on their way, in the car the triplets start saying lines from Cinderella. Arrived, Il Gook tries to make tell them not to be scared of the owners’ dogs and luckily they don’t.

Minutes later, the triplets are shown how puffed rice is made but because of the smoke, they hide behind their father’s legs, yet the fear goes away when the owner let’s all the children to eat the puffed rice.

Much later, while the owner prepares other things for the children to eat, they all break some walnuts as a snack.

After eating their rice cakes and walnuts, the parents and their children go outside to play ssireum. Il Gook and another father shows everyone how is done but the triplets’ father loses. After that, Min Gook and Dae Han try to wrestle against each other but when Man Se’s turn comes he wants to wrestle with a girl. However, rather than ssireum, they look more as if they dance together.

Afterwards, the children are take to see some baby goats(?) but since they were too loud, the triples are scared to go near. Eventually, Il Gook manages to make the boys go near baby goats.

For the next episode we will have another special with Il Gook’s triplets and Lee Hwi Jae’s twins. (Yahoo!)


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