[Kdrama] ‘The Lover’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’ve come across ‘The Lover’ purely by mistake because I’m a fan of Jung Joon Young and I heard he was doing this show but I didn’t give too much attention to the news or what the show was about so I simply watched the first episode and guess what? ‘The lover’ is so stupidly fun that I love it.

The plot is quite easy and it doesn’t have many complications as it goes towards more on the side of sitcoms, showing four couples living in the same apartment building. Despise the quirkiness of the character; they all portray different realities of every day’s lives of couples who deal with real issues while maintaining a comical feeling. For instance the first couple, Choi Jin Nyeo and Jeong Yeong Joon have a 12 years age gap with her leading their relationship however the two face misunderstandings as a result of their gap but every conflict fades fast.

Oh Do Si and Ryu Doo Ri have been together for 5 years but living in the same apartment for 2. The two portray couples who already passed the stage of feeling embarrassed with each other or trying to hide things that may make them look bad in front of their beloved. To be honest, this couple is the one that’s the closest to reality.

The 3rd couple is Lee Joon Jae and Takuya but are they a couple? It’s more like extra fan-service with two guys living together, however they unmistakably make others wonder about what happens inside their apartment.

In the last apartment the freshly new couple Ha Seol Eun and Park Hwan Jong appear with their awkwardness and shyness, though keep in mind there is also a big amount of exaggeration especially with his couple.

Although the story may looks simplistic, I personally don’t recommend it to anyone especially since the show has a lot of sexual jokes that may make some viewers uncomfortable, on the other side, if people who enjoy – let’s say- more adult – like jokes want to try it out then they will enjoy the flow of the two episodes so far and probably the rest of 10 episodes as well.

For now I have no complain nor dislikes about what I’ve seen in the first two episodes just a small thing I still can’t understand and that is the two legs that were coming out from the closet in the second episode. What was that about? It was a joke that I didn’t get or just a random staff member who forgot that they were recording and he just randomly started napping there. Regardless of what it was I will keep it short and end my first impression here since there aren’t many things to say about the plot, writing or the actors. It’s fun and that’s all without deep meaning or anything like that.


  1. I started watching this randomly. It is a fun watch. Oh Do Si and Ryu Doo Ri are my favorite couple. They are most realistic and natural. Ha Seol Eun and Park Hwan Jong are the most meh for me. By the way, they are not newlyweds. They met through a blind date and decided to try living together. I feel like more could be done with this couple since they are still in their beginning stages of a relationship. Choi Jin Nyeo and Jung Young Joon feel like a gag couple. I like Choi Yeo Jin, but I don’t quite feel chemistry between her and Jung Joon Young. Lee Joon Jae and Takuya have more chemistry LOL I want to see more of these characters outside of the apartment, too.

    1. This show how much I like that couple lol (not). You’re right, they were dating for 3 months with marriage in mind. I’m not feeling them, or at least not as much as the other 3 couples.

      Oh Do Si and Ryu Doo Ri are also my favorite couple but Choi Jin Nyeo and Jung Young Joon comes fast afterward them.

      As for Takuya and Joon Jae, they are more like a fan service couple rather but their scenes are fun to watch.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading!

      1. I definitely laugh when Choi Jin Nyeo and Jung Young Joon couple come on TV. I just don’t feel them as a couple quite yet.

        Takyua and Joon Jae are definitely more for fan service. I don’t think Mnet would actually go all the way though it would make things extra interesting if they did.

        I forgot to mention how much I loved how they use background music to enhance the comedy in different scenes. Also, a great way to find new songs to listen to.

      2. I love the background music, it’s a new source to discover other artists that normally Korean music centred sited don’t write about, as they write mostly about idol groups. On top of that is goes to well with the flow and the characters.

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