[Cdrama] ‘Prince of Lan Ling’ episodes 21-46(end) ~ impression/opinion ~


It’s been such a long time since I marathoned a drama, more importantly a historical one. As I mentioned in my previous post about “The Prince of Lan Ling”, I don’t normally like historical dramas, however right now my two favorite dramas of all time are both historical “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” and “The Prince of Lan Ling”.

“The Prince of Lan Ling” was so good in so many ways, from the acting, script writing, music, videography everything was good and I have no complaints regarding anything from this drama. Also, while watching a show, I normally (as probably a lot of other people) start getting attached to one character, however this wasn’t the case, this time I love every character from the good, bad, main, second, just a mere extra, everything was in its right place. To be honest, a big part into liking every character was because they showed the point of view from both sides, like for example the side of Yuwen Yong, Prince of Lan Ling, Han Xiao Dong and so on…


Although I got attached to all the characters, Yuwen Yong was by far my favorite….ehem let me have a favorite, as how my blog title says it, he was my second lead crush, and probably as of now my #1 second lead crush. In my book, Yuwen Yong shines thanks to the complex way the character was build and acted thanks to Daniel Chan.

Not entirely sure if he developed as a character, we may just be confused by the fact that at first we do see him as a rather negative character however when the story shows his side of the fence we could understand him more and his hardships as well.


I loved his relationship with Yang Xue Wu – I was wonder if he loved her more than a friend, in the first part of the drama I thought he definitely had a more than a friend love towards her, however as the story progressed it was more of the fact that Yang Xue Wu was the only person who saw him as himself and not as a monster, living in “cold” without feelings of warmth/love from others, he was confused and thought that what he was feeling for her was love.

I liked his impulsive attitude towards Xue Wu but in the end still respecting her decision of going back to Prince of Lan Ling.

Xue Wu: “ You can be vulnerable when you are with me”

The confusion of him being in love with Xue Wu disappeared after I got to see more of Yuwen Yong and Empress Ashina.


Even though Empress Ashina  was shown as a strong person, in the end she is a woman and a wife, therefore  couldn’t help but get eaten by the black thoughts that Yuwen Yong is in love with Xue Wu, seeing as how much attention he gives her. But his attention regarding Xue Wu was from what I think because he was still confused also adding the request the Prince of Lan Ling asked him, to protect Xue Wu.

However what Empress Ashina didn’t knew is that although Yuwen Yong was giving much more attention to Xue Wu, he is still the person that knows her the best, therefore he did knew that the Empress was trying to kill Xue Wu out of jealousy.


He did gave her many chances to come out clean, but out of fear she didn’t confess and ended up angering Yuwen Yong, even making him loose the trust he had in her.

I think the moment when he tells her that he the love he had for her and when both started crying was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve seen in a drama, made by second lead characters (to be honest, they were leads In my book). The moment was so beautiful and heartbreaking seeing her breaking down on tears and him trying to be strong without showing his crying face to his wife.


Empress Ashina: “ Since the day of our marriage, I no longer hold myself in priority. Your Majesty is all that I care about. It isn’t because you crowned me as your Queen, but because I am you wife. Your Majesty and I are in a game of chess, every step that I take I follow in your footsteps. But now I realized that every step you take is for the sake of Yang Xue Wu. So now this game of chess is all messed up! How should I follow in you steps now?”

After saying cruel words to Empress Ashina, that was probably the moment when Yuwen Yong showed the outmost love towards his wife, knowing that he will soon die – when he went out of his wife chamber he said:


Yuwen Yong : “I’ve learned from Xue Wu and Prince Lan Ling that sometimes when you are cruel to a person it actually means a deep affection and helplessness. I am cruel to you now, in hope that you can live well after I am dead in three years’ time.”

Another character who changed a lot from the beginning to the end thanks to Xue Wu is Han Xiao Dong. While going forward, Xiao Dong started having feeling of love towards Xue Wu, but compared to the impulsive Yuwen Yong, Xiao Dong had a rather silent love for Xue Wu. But much as Yuwen Yong, both of them respected Xue Wu and Prince of Lan Ling’s love, without actually interfering between the two. Even more Xiao Dong helped the two fulfill their feelings for each other, always helping Xue Wu to get out of all think of situations.


Xiao Dong: “Princess Consort is like the moon to me. In the darkest hour of my life she gave me hope and warmth, I’d never ever dream of plucking down the moon. But I won’t allow the clouds to overshadow the moon.”

Although the drama focused a lot on love and palace plotting, the brotherly bond between the Princes was shown as well, although that bond wasn’t viewed in a stronger way compared to the other subjects, there was a bond between Gao Wei (The Crown Prince) and The Prince of Lan Ling.


After the second half of this show, The Crown Prince was a key character. Even though Gao Wei cared about his brother, given his weak personality, he always let himself be influenced by those around him, especially he lets himself be influenced by Zhang into killing Prince of Lan Ling when he could use Prince of Lan Ling’s abilities for the State’s prosperity and good.

Being pressured by Prince of Lan Ling’s growing popularity and because of the King’s constant words of admiration for Prince of Lan Ling, The Crow Prince starts plotting against his brother. Even so, The crown prince wasn’t doing the plotting for his own good, but in fact wanted to show the King that he is worthy of his position as the crown prince, considering that the King always favored Lan Ling.


What he didn’t understood, was that the King was actually using Lan Ling as an example to motivate The Crown Prince, but in the end, it made The Crown Prince lose confidence and become more and more greedy. On the other hand, The Prince of Lan Ling was the only one to notice that his older brother could learn from his mistakes.

I won’t talk about Xue Wu and Prince of Lan Ling since I already talked about those two characters in my previous post about this drama.

All in all, “The Prince of Lan Ling” is a must see, however keep in my this is just my personal opinion, therefore others may like it and others may not, it all depends on everyone’s personal taste in regards of dramas.

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