[Kdrama] ‘Father, I’ll Take Care of You’ ep 1-21 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m back at talking about weekend family dramas; feels like it’s been a while since I watched and talked about one. In fact, I did gave ‘Father, I’ll take care of you’ a go when it started airing but somehow the first 4 or so episodes weren’t on my liking.

I’m not sure why. Even though I didn’t like it in the beginning, last week I decided to give a second chance to this drama, mostly because it’s a weekend drama from MBC and they are always the best when it comes to this type. Also, I like a large number from the actors and more importantly, I had a lot of free time so I said ‘ hey why not try watching it’.

Luckily it turned out to be good. Now, don’t misunderstand me – when it comes to weekend family dramas, ‘good’ ‘normal’, ‘typical’ or ‘common’ are compliments and that’s what I want from the story, especially since other dramas may turn around to fantasy stories, the weekend dramas, even though sometimes may turn crazy, they are somewhat showing normality, if that makes any sense. What I’m trying to say is that I like the way the writers center everything around 2 families and they connect the members with crazy strings. ‘Father, I’ll take care of you’ is just like any other family drama. It has the conflict, the many characters and a dog. Lovely!

It the beginning, I thought the writer did a very good job at presenting each character, however as the story progressed, she kind of lost track of the characters and their stories. But she managed to solve that pretty fast. Like any other drama of this genre, the many characters presented in the story can be overwhelming so it is very important for the writer to establish the characters from the very beginning.

The plot is quite simple on the surface but still complicated given the large number of characters. The story revolves around  Han Hyung Sub’s 4 children, 2 (Han Sung Hoon and Han Sung Shik) which are married and returned home for various reasons. The youngest son (Han Sung Joon) comes back from Singapore while the daughter ( Han Jung Eun) of Hyung Sub’s sister also returns from her worldwide travel trip. Sung Hoon and Sung Shik are his biological sons, the other two lived their life as his children but Sung Joon was actually adopted and Jung Eun had to take the name of her uncle since her mother was a single mother. To make things harder, Sung Hoon’s in laws, his wife’s sister and cousin, move in the same house. For the conflict, we have Lee Hyun Woo (also known as David Lee) a rich guy from Wall Street, who returns to Korea to take his revenge on the people from Han Hyung Sub’s neighborhood, including him and his family.

As soon as Lee Hyun Woo moves to the neighborhood, he starts his revenge on the people living there and also acts like a nice neighbor to Han Hyung Sub’s family member as he offers his children work, but with revenge in mind. Little does he know that he slowly falls in love with Jung Eun. Although he had revenge set in his mind, given Jung Eun’s bubbly personality, he starts feeling attached to her. It was quite funny how she always made him do stuff and even though he complained, every time he still ended up doing whatever she asked.

To be honest, there were a lot of moments when I wished that Jung Eun would break his heart. Yes, I’m evil. But honestly now, she is so bubbly and positive all the time that felt like a shame to have him use her for his revenge. Although, he, himself had no idea how fast his attachment for Jung Eun was evolving, I wanted to see him have a cold reality check from her. In the most recent episodes, I was slightly under the impression that he took her for granted. She always was open and ready to hear him out in every situation, even after they started their relationship, Jung Eun always gave him space. As I was watching, although I felt sorry for what happened to his family in the past, I wasn’t okay with him trying to play her. In the next episodes, I hope to see Jung Eun serving him a nice lesson so he could realize how much she actually means to him.

Oh Dong Hee and Sung Joon are two puppies. Both are nice, nice and nice. But for Dong Hee’s good, she is a bit too nice. Slightly annoying at times….On the flip side, Sung Joon smells the evil. He had a hunch that Hyun Woo is up to no good. There were a few things which annoyed me about him; one major headache was because of his friendship with Mi Joo. It took him a while to clearly tell her that they are not in a relationship. There were a lot of episodes where I kept thinking ‘dude when are you going to tell her upfront to back off?’ Regardless, the two, Dong Hee and Sung Joon are cute together. Clearly his ‘mother’ will be a problem for their relationship but I’m looking forward to their puppy love. But I’m also looking forward to some character development form them.

Regarding the children switch of the two brothers, Sung Hoon and Sung Shik, personally I like the approach. Indeed, the approach of both families may not be the best but it will make the mothers and the children appreciate each other more. The switch is clearly a lie made by the doctor to help Ji Hoon but at the same time it will help the other 3, his mother, aunt and cousin to understand each other. Both families had problems, one mother was suffocating her son to the point of making the poor kid wanting to committee suicide while the other mother barely gave any attention to her children. The two mothers had problems in the way they were trying to educate their children. While I don’t agree with Hee Seok who was making Ji Hoon constantly study and kept enrolling him to various tutoring schools, Hye Joo would barely give any attention to her son, Chang Soo. Not saying that suffocating your own son with studying is the best thing to do but completely ignoring your children’s education is also wrong.

Hee Seok would push her own complexes to her son and wanted him to become what she never could, on the other hand, Hye Joo used the excuse that she is a working mother so she doesn’t have the time to take care of her children…not even to cook for them.

Anyway I will stop here with my opinion because otherwise I will end up writing over 5000 words.  On top of that, I also write on my twitter as I watch this drama so it would be a pain to write the same things in two different places. There are issues with the story but I’m enjoying the show overall. The acting is on the level of any normal weekender, not like I was expecting Signal type of acting but it’s okay for a weekend family drama.




  1. I’m still on the fence for this one. I really like the cast but I’m not sure how will they play out his revenge. Not a big fan of revenge plot but from your writing, it seems that his “revenge” often get thwarted by the heroine because of her bubbly personality, that’s quite the comedy material.

    Will wait for more of your reviews 🙂

    1. I like his interaction with her, but to be honest the writer has no idea what to do with his revenge at this point.

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