[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 40 END ~recap/review/opinion~

“Magic Bakery” if flourishing with the former 5 inmates giving interviews and promoting their bread’s quality. During the interview, Soo In explains that their bread even appeared in a magazine before Shinhwa released their (copied) line. On the other hand, the women don’t hide the fact that all of them are former inmates. Meanwhile, the Ma family is watching the interview making Joo Ran’s blood boil.

However, shortly, Joo Ran’s husband receives a phone call that informs him about the message board from the company being filled with complains about copying “Magic Bakery” bread. At the same time, Joo Ran is called once again in regards of the private detective agency.

To save Shinhwa, Joo Hee talks in an open press conference about being the sole person who took the decision of copying the recipe from the smaller bakery thus she resigns from her position from the company. On her way out of the hall, she meets up with Woo Seok who praises her courage for revealing everything yet she starts crying saying that he is finally talking like he used (when they were closer). Still, she seems to finally understand that Woo Seok doesn’t have feeling for her and tells him that she will leave for America to clear her head over everything that happened.

Later, the shareholders give Woo Seok the position of CEO in Shinhwa but he refuses with the excuse of going back to Paris and asks the board to put someone else, fit for the position.

Tae San is informed by his lawyer that Do Hyun made another will which he leaves everything to Woo Seok. In all that, the only member of the Mas working at Shinhwa is Joo Ran’s husband.

Things are getting better for Aeng Ran who finally understand that it’s time to let everything behind and enjoy her time together with her son and his family.

Further, the bakery is going smooth however the others see Soo In wondering around in thoughts leaving Poong Gum who tells her that she should stop Woo Seok from leaving. Nr 911 tells Mi Oh and Poong Geum to stop pestering Soo In regarding her relationship with Woo Seok because people that are meant to be together will eventually meet again.

At the airport, Yi Moon together with Bok Nyeo and Byul are saying their good bye to Woo Seok before leaving to Paris. Although the little girl tries to stay strong, in the end she starts crying when Woo Seok gives his blessing to her. Before boarding, Woo Seok looks behind him, probably waiting for Soo In and since he doesn’t see her, the man leaves.

Meanwhile at the bakery, Poong Geum advices Soo In to go after Woo Seok. Shortly Bok Nyeo comes back and tells them that her son left. Having a lot of thoughts, Soo In steps outside to think but as she was sitting alone, she receives a video message from Woo Seok in which he tells her that the moment she will call asking for him to return, he will. As a goodbye, Woo Seok says that his heart will always be with her.

Time passes and the Mas are kind of quiet after Joo Hee left the country and Tae San went to prison. But the breakfast is disturbed by the police who comes to investigate Joo Ran about the private detective agency. Yet, they inform her that she is being investigated for vandalism (in the first episodes she hired the private detectives to “take care” of Soo In’s food truck) and they drag her to the police office.

At the police office, Joo Ran acts like she doesn’t know the private detectives however the detective that was taking care of her case plays a recording between Joo Ran and the members of the private detective agency. Soo In and the others are being called to be informed about finding the culprit behind the food truck. Thinking that Soo In will save her, Joo Ran falls on her keens and begs for help but none of the 5 women want to help her.

Aeng Ran spends time with her grandson. Later she receives a call from Do Jin who tells her about what happened to Joo Ran. By the way, Do Jin seems to be working for a company now. After talking with Do Jin, Aeng Ran takes the little boy and goes to see how Dan Shim is doing. Maybe because the woman is still in shock, Dan Shim thinks that Do Hyun is aboard to complete his studies. Since she was home alone, the woman asks Aeng Ran to take her and the later one agrees.

Tae San remembers the words his son said in a past episode and he also remembers all the sins he did. At the baker, Soo In remembers the moments she spent with Woo Seok and after that she takes a look at the rings she wears on her necklace.

After some time, Soo In goes to the Women Penitentiary for her baking classes. During class, she tells her students that years before, she also was an inmate and with this, Soo In tries to teach them that they should also take the opportunity as she did in the past because it may change their future.

On the other hand, Joo Ran keeps lying about feeling unwell but the nurse is feed up with her. Returned to her cell, the other inmates make fun of her. Then she receives a visit from Nr 911 who tells her that Soo In will be holding baking classes at the Penitentiary.

Tae San accepts his punishment. During a visit, Joo Ran’s husband lets Tae San know that even though his wife is in prison, she is healthy and doing well.

Another day, Aeng Ran takes Dan Shim to visit Tae San. In front of the two women, Tae San admits to his sins towards everyone and apologizes for what he did to Aeng Ran’s fiancé in the past.

Surprisingly, Poong Geum had twins and is happily living in Yi Moon’s house with Mr Tak who also seems to have gotten a better job. With the money Mr Tak received from his juniors, Poong Geum wants to open a new “Magic bakery”.

Yi Moon is being upset and wants to rush his marriage with Bok Nyeo. Seeing the upset Yi Moon, Poong Geum and Mr Tak decide that is time to talk with the others about the marriage between Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo. Although, the others want to help, Nr 911 gets angry that she is also pitifully and wants to marry someone. To calm the woman, Poong Geum says that after Bok Nyeo marries, she will set up a marriage plan for Nr 911 as well. After setting everything, they all think that it will be better to make a “surprise marriage” for the two future married couple.

A couple of days later, everyone goes to Jeju Island to prepare for the marriage. After dinner, Soo In spends some time with Byul and the two talk about how much both miss Woo Seok.

The weeding day comes and everyone is all smiles. The first to enter are the bride’s maids however when the Bok Nyeo enters the one that was leading her appears to be Woo Seok. Woo Seok’s return was a gift from Nr 911 for both Soo In and Bok Nyeo. Soo In can’t hide her smile when she sees Woo Seok meanwhile the wedding goes as planned. After the weeding, Woo Seok and Soo In go to talk separately.

Meeting for the first time in a year the two are a little awkward at first but Soo In finally reveals that she missed him. Hearing her confession, Woo Seok hugs her and she continues at his request to say that she missed him every day. Finally she also takes the rings out of the necklace and gives one to Woo Seok. After exchanging the rings, the couple kiss.

Back in Seoul, the court rules Bok Nyeo not guilty for the fire. Mi Oh and Do Jin continue to be happy together. Nr 911 opens her business and finds a man she likes.

My final thoughts:

Honestly, even though this drama gave me a lot of disappointment, in a way I liked it. For almost 5 months I enjoyed watching it every weekend. The story is average and the acting lacked although I know most of these actors and they all did a great job in their past projects.

I personally didn’t like the way Do Hyun’s story was handled, however for me he along with Aeng Ran will remain as memorable characters. First, Do Hyun showed a lot in just a small amount of appearances throughout the drama and Aeng Ran won my heart by far.

As for the relationship between Woo Seok and Soo In, at first I was reluctant with them ending together but looking back, it is the best solution for both to start anew. Soo In needed to feel and live with someone that won’t suppress her and for Woo Seok it was time to think of a new future by accepting someone else into his life.

I do agree that leaving a husband after 10 years for another man isn’t actually the correct way of doing things, however from my point of view, relationships come and go, end and start (or start and end) yet the length of a relationship shouldn’t make the new one fade away, who knows maybe the freshly new relationship may be stronger than the past one. The point is that everyone has the right to think of themselves, their own happiness and be greedy from time to time. Both Woo Seok and Soo In accepted each other as they are and started having feelings for each other as time passed.

As for the “witch” part, indeed we didn’t get a proper revenge plot nor anything more ‘hard core’ from out main women but as the ending message said “The world called them witches, but we call them avengers now”. From what I think, the term “witch” was mostly used to reflect them as former inmates, probably the producers wanted to showcase the similarities between witches in the past that were chased away thus the 5 women were always chased and had a hard time dealing with rejection in the everyday society. In the end, they all managed to build a normal life for themselves and integrate properly.

To put it simply, “The legendary witch” focused a lot on women and how strong they are by wanting to protect and build for themselves and for those around them but at the same time, this drama showed how frail women can be.

Overall, I enjoyed this drama with its bad and goods.

Thank you for reading my posts and I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes.



  1. recaplover · · Reply

    I actually hold off watching the last episode to wait for your recap 🙂 Just because I think reading your recap and opinion is more exciting than watching the episode that I can predict what will happen.

    The final is just like I Summon You Gold, with the super villains suddenly turn 180°and become nice and atone for their sins while just an episode before, they’re still stubbornly despicable. The thing about Woo Seok goes aboard for 1 year and leaves his little girl behind is so unrealistic it’s a joke. I can’t believe a single father, who takes care of his kid all by himself since the day she’s born, suddenly leaves her behind and goes away for a long time. That plot is actually a surprise for me 🙂 because I predict Soo In is the one who goes away.

    I pity Do Hyun, and I hate the plot of bringing him back just to let him die again, so lazy writing! However, I don’t disapprove of Soo In chooses Woo Seok over him. To Soo In, her loving husband already dead for 2 years, and she’s ready to open a new chapter of her life. Beside, Do Hyun loved her but he did nothing to make her life better. She lived like a maid in his house and got abused by his family, and that’s not the healthy marriage life she should go back to.

    I agree with you that Aeng Ran has the best plot in this drama, and the actress who plays her has done a wonderful acting. She’s a pro at handling a complex character in all the dramas I watched her in.

    Thank you so much for providing me a good read for 40 episodes, and a place to release my blabbering, I’m so glad I find your blog. Hope to read another recap for another future long drama I’ll watch.

    1. Yes, the ending is pretty similar to the ending of ‘I summon you gold’ and both were in a way disappointing. I don’t really find the 1 year leave to have any impact on both Woo Seok nor Soo In, they did love each other from before and there was no need for some thinking time, the whole thing was useless.

      In the end ‘The legendary witch’ is an enjoyable drama, nothing remarkable and to be honest I don’t recommend it.

      Thank you for reading my recaps and for always leaving comments. I will give a try to the new weekend dramas and choose the next one to recap but for now I just want to enjoy dramas without writing anything more than some episodic reviews.

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  3. Amelia Resolme · · Reply

    Please… Anyone can tell me where can i watch from episode 17 with english translation up to the end. Thank you…

  4. kdrama girl · · Reply

    Recap lover I disagree….it was realistic for woo seok to live his child behind because bok nyeo is her real grandmother…parents now leave their children with their grand parents either to work or study abroad……..the legendary witch part was not so clear……in my own opinion chairman ma was e legendary which because everyone’s ruined life revolved around him.ms cha and young wok were the most outstanding actors to me in this drama……..the story line was a bit dull but it was a funny drama…ey did drop in a few unexpected surprise……gen Gen Gen……gentleman-Ida….lols

  5. Soo In had me crying every time she cried. Depsite having many unanswered qtns and role fulfillment, i loved it. I love e people and the oneness. These pple knw how to express emotion. I felt apart of the cast. Bravo!!!
    Now i want to marry a korean guy

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