[Kdrama] ‘Avengers Social Club’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion ~

‘Avengers social club’ is a drama that put a smile on my face and a drama that will put a smile on my face every time I will remember its characters and the story.

I can’t say I’m a fan of any of the cast members, I always was a casual fan of Lee Yo Won but I never religiously followed her.  I easily got into the characters, especially the main  four characters who had struggles in their own personal lives but thanks to their new friendships and bonds, all went from lonely carrots to a pack of wolves that sometimes were acting as pups.

Despite the title of the drama, the member of the Avengers Social Club didn’t proceed into bloody revenges or illegal ways to push their way towards justice as most drama characters do. The four members, Jung Hye, Do Hee, Mi Sook and Soo Gyum all came from different social environments and backgrounds but in a way or another they managed to blend and create quite a nice squad.

Jung Hye was the one who always seemed cold on the outside, however as you get to know her, she turns to be a cookie. With a harsh attitude and raw way of showing her emotions, Jung Hye slowly started to drop the defence wall every time she was around the other 3.

Do Hee is a struggling single mother, whose children face difficulties because of their social status. She tries her best to bring the best in life to her daughter and son and with the help of the Avengers Club, Do Hee gets to explore more of her own boiling and bold personality that she normally kept hidden.

From my point of view, Mi Sook had it the worst. One of her child is dead and her husband constantly uses physical violence whenever he gets drunk. Although it was a long road towards realising that what her husband is doing doesn’t have an excuse, for the sake of her daughter, Seo Yeon, and with a small push from the Avengers Club, Mi Sook seeks revenge on him. To the group, she was the one who always kept everyone closer to reality.

Having to deal with the lose of his grandmother, the one who raised and took care of him, moreover all of a sudden waking up in the house of the father he never met, Soo Gyum was the character that made my heart ache numerous times. To add things up, his father wanted to meet Soo Gyum after 18 years just to use him as a bait to win a shortcut towards the family’s inheritance. Wait! There’s more. The cherry on top is his real mother who constantly used him as a measure to get free money. Well, that’s quite a life he lead, huh. To be honest, throughout the drama, I wished to see Soo Gyum form a son-mother relationship with Jung Hye, who was his father’s wife. Maybe because they both had what the other needed.

Soo Gyum needed the care and love of a mother, while Jung Hye had motherly love to offer. I was somehow stunned at the idea of some who were wishing to see Jung Hye and Soo Gyum become lovers. I never saw them as that, in fact, I could never see them form something more than a mother-son relationship, even that is a somewhat of a stretch.

I’m saying that even a mother-son relationship is a bit of a stretch, because even though that’s what I kinda wished for, we all could see that Soo Gyum needed HIS mother’s love and care. His own grandparents took care of him, while his mother was never around. Soo Gyum was craving, although he tried to hide it, for HIS mother’s love.

I’m rarely satisfied with the ending of dramas, especially Korean ones. Not because they don’t end how I want. I’m aware of the fact that the writer is the creator and has the power over his work but sometimes, Korean dramas don’t end in harmony with the actual story and its characters. However, Avengers Social Club had a satisfying ending. It was exactly how I saw it and to be honest, it was the best ending that showed harmony between the characters, their development and the story as a whole.

For me, Avengers Social Club was THE drama. I could calmly call it a favorite of the year and a show I can wholeheartedly recommend. Don’t search for love or romance or even action. There’s not much of any of that. Friendship, change and forgiveness are the elements that fill this drama.




  1. You said it all! THE 2017 drama. I loved this. Many thanks for this beautiful review. More people should talk about this drama so that it gets the attention it deserves :). Also, I think it showed us that a drama needs no dragging out in the last third and can have a satisfying story-arch over a 12 episodes run. Definitely a must-watch.

    1. Indeed, more people need to talk about this drama. Although it lacked romance, it had love, although it lacked the bloody revenge, it had friendship, overall was a drama I wish more people will like and come to appreciate for its somewhat simple but interesting story.

      To be honest, those 12 episodes were all what it needed. It wasen’t dragged and also didn’t feel rushed.

      Thank you for the comment~

  2. Hi there again! I wouldn’t even say it ‘lacked’ romance. It didn’t need to have it in there (which is a quality in itself, I guess). Anyhow, YEAH! Let’s advertise this drama more 🙂

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