[Kdrama] ‘Beautiful Mind’ ep 1- 14 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

‘Beautiful Mind’ was an interesting watch. As I always say, I don’t like dramas with medical themes but if the show has a nice story to back it up, then I’m on board. For this drama, the backup story was filled in with Young Oh’s condition and that was probably the most interesting fact about the show. Love was present but not as a decisive factor in the romance department however it was something I was aware of in other parts of the story.

Although because of the cut the production staff had to rush the story and re-adjust it, some of the main characters had a change in appearance as well. They started to appear less and less while the secondary characters were more present. However it was nicely handled by the editing staff. Normally, I fast forward when it’s near the end and secondary characters are used to buy some times but in the case of ‘Beautiful Mind’, I came to enjoy the scenes with the gang of doctors, or village idiots, as I used to call them.

We may not know but maybe the cut was beneficial for the story, or maybe not. All I know for now is that the director and the writer wrapped up the story quite nicely, in a way that the 2 episode cut wasn’t obvious nor it didn’t become a disadvantage for the development. I’m going to be frank and admit that there were certain rushed information and sometimes it felt like they were running out of time but I wasn’t bothered by it.

Like I said above, some of the main characters did disappear along the story, like Min Jae and Suk Joo, there were full episodes when they would appear for a couple of minutes even though they were main characters. Even Jin Sang was ignored most of the time. If I am to find a flaw to this drama, then the fact that these characters were left aside is a big minus to the story and for me as a viewer.

Jin Sang wasn’t given a proper development. While the other characters were allowed to shine, she was probably the most ignored character out of the bunch. Of course, Jin Sang helped our main character, Young Oh but that wasn’t something to help Jin Sang grow as a character. The fact that Young Oh started changing after meeting Jin Sang shows how important it was for him to receive love and affection from a younger age. In his weird ways, the father tried to do his best but for me it looked like he wanted a replacement for his own son rather than making up for the mistakes he did in the past. He was so focused in making Young Oh seem normal, that he forgot to give and teach the young boy something important, love.

I absolutely like (I rarely if never say this) how the writer translates the patients’ words with what Young Oh is currently feeling. Like in the 12th episode, when the patient who was feeling pain, even though it wasn’t real says:

“Just like other people, are you saying that I lost my mind? I’m suffering so much, every day is difficult to bear”.

For some reasons I thought it was what Young Oh wanted to shout out all this time but was unable to.

Another thing, Young Oh protecting that abused child, I forgot the episode, seemed like he wanted to protect Young Oh from the past. Especially the words he said to the child at the end of the episode, are probably the words he wanted to hear the most during his childhood.

I realized in episode 12 that all along the writer told us about the human condition. While I did see some parts in some episodes, as I already stated them in my previews opinion posts, this time with the help of the ‘past friend’ of the father, I got the confirmation.

What made Lee Young Oh like that wasn’t medicine but the human condition. Ambition, selfishness, humiliation and fear. Some of the first episodes were designed each with a theme – see the post for those episodes for more details.

Equality? What’s the limit to equality when your health is on the line? Will you do anything to save yourself? I love how the writer made me think of different subject each episode. In the past weeks we had all kind of themes within the story that along the way I started to feel that this drama wasn’t about the story of Young Oh or the characters, is about society as a whole.

Should I recommend this drama? I don’t know but what I know that, for me, as a viewer, it was a good watch.

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