[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 50 (End) ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Finally, the last episode!!!

“I summon you gold” left be a bad taste, that’s not because of the actors, but rather it was the fault of the writer and the whole production team.  All the actors did a great job however all their hard work and efforts to make it a good story was in vain since there is no effort from the writer.  At some point, the production was visible improved, even so the writer just destroyed what could’ve been probably the best family drama of the year since it did had a great start.

I don’t care anymore, next week “Passionate Love” is starting and Shim Ji Ho is one of the main characters.

The recap:

Everyone lived (married) happily ever after.

The end!

What? Was someone expecting a longer recap? Well my dears, that’s all that happened in the last episode of “I summon you gold”, don’t expect more than this.

All the married couples are still together but only Mong Hee is let alone. She was the main character but somehow along the way they casted her to the side, moreover she was left alone, everyone is happily married and enjoying their life and Mong Hee has ……………her career.

What annoyed me the most, was when all the couples went to a trip, at the end,  Mong Hee looked from behind at Hyun Soo and Yoona. Don’t get me wrong, I was a supporter of Yoona-Hyun Soo all along; on the other hand they should’ve at least made Hyun Soo and Mong Hee seen as if they licked each other’s wounds, but the writer made them fall in love with each other and an episode later, Hyun Soo went back to Yoona. To be honest I think pairing her with Sang Chul even at the end of the drama would’ve been better than letting her all along while every other character is having a happy marriage; come on even Dok Hee is happy, when she was the evil of the evilness.

Even though, “I summon you gold” left me with a bad taste, strangely I kind of enjoyed the whole show.

Thank you to everyone who read my recaps all this time and sorry for all the grammar mistakes I’ve made.


  1. I generally do not like watching dramas over 25 episodes. The writers seem to become bored as they attempt to stretch a story line out to 50. You often can spot the writer’s train of thought going off track. I think I lost interest in this drama the moment Hyun Soo and Mong Hee began to look like they were having a relationship. After that I still watched the show hoping Hyun Soo would stand up to his family and grow a backbone but I secretly wished that Mong Hee would go back to Sang Chul.. But instead our wonderful writer decides to give Sang Chul cancer and reward Aram’s misguided mother a second opportunity to try motherhood again. Between the Production team and the netizen’s this writer gave up on telling the story they had hoped to tell.

    Your recap echo’s my sentiments about this drama exactly. It had so much potential. I’m surprised that I’m not as annoyed at the ending but as they writer moved away from Monghee being the main character I knew the drama was going to end badly. Thank you for your recaps!! 🙂

    1. From what I’ve heard, the writer was changed around ep 25-26 that’s when the whole story started to go downhill.
      I still think Sang Chul was a good opportunity to make Hyun Soo jealous when he and Mong Hee started to have feelings for each other; but then I saw that the writer used Sang Chul just to outline Sung Eun’s story….when in fact Sang Chul and Sung Eun were the ones who made Mong Hee have an emotional scar….
      However, I wanted Mong Hee to at least end up with Sang Chul, even though he cheated her in the past. I still don’t understand why the writer decided to make him sick, to be honest he and Sung Eun could’ve had joint custody over Aram, there was no need to kill Sang Chul if they just wanted to give the girl to Sung Eun.

      Thank you for reading my recaps and for the comment ^ ^

  2. Thanks for the recaps Soori ^^

    1. Thank you for reading~ ^o^

  3. Interesting plot and ending. The evil/vindictive characters made out like bandits. The cheerful/good natured/caring characters continued to just survive. Oh well, the power of forgiveness.

  4. Well, I’ve gotta admit. Reading your summary was way more interesting than watching the entire episodes. I watched it until episode 20 or so, then just read your recaps. I agree with you saying Mong Hee should’ve been the main character. At the end, she is still alone and suffered the most out of all the characters. It’s just so unfair. Anyways, thanks so much for your recaps.

    1. Yes, well I did enjoy the development of the other characters, but I still think Mong Hee should’ve been kept as the main, I mean in the last episode she just seemed like a witness to everything that happened in the drama ;_;

      Thank you for reading ~ ^o^

  5. thank you for your recaps soori. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your commentary on each episode.

    1. Thank you for reading my posts ^o^

  6. Can you please tell me where I can watch this online? Thank you!!

    1. Try on gooddrama, I think they have it there.

  7. Hi I only saw the drama here and there. I saw episode 34 and thought MonHee and Hyunso were in love? What made him go back to Yoona? Reading the comments, I guess I missed a lot but I was just puzzled why she and Hyunso didn’t end up together? Thanks!

  8. The drama has a very good start all the way till abt 30 episodes when the storyline begins to drag down..
    Its a FAIRYTALE DRAMA with not much life reality since at the end all couples live happily after after.. in reality it is not possible for yoona was a arrogant icy spiteful personalities n turn to a more human person just because she found her twin sister overnite..the saying goes “a leopard never changes its spots”…The most pitiable person is monghee the lead actress who was left with 2 emotional scars in her life as if one scar is not enough..yet she has the most beautiful personality in this drama with a fighting spirit in her dream as well as staying morally right not to be too deeply involved with the married man who said will divorce his icy wife and live a life of warm n love. Sangchul shud come back to monghee life afterall he realised his gross mistake n repentance to leave monghee . Sung eun who was the evil one from the start gain the most at the end…so was her mother in law was accepted readily by all.. it has a weak plot at the end and made me fill that even if you do much badness in the end you still reap good benefits whereas the main character was left a lonely heart again with only her gifted talent to console her life..

  9. I must credits to all the artistes in this drama esp monghee. Whereas the script writer should reflect abt the main charactor to shine in love afterall she has a “heart of gold ” displayed in the episodes. But regretfully she was left alone again with 2 scars to carry on in life..

  10. songhyerin · · Reply

    This is exactly what I thought about it . I just finished watching it. I’m seriously crying right now . Monghee was the one who sacrificed the most but in the end she ended up alone . This could have been my favorite Koren family drama . What a waste 50 hours and then I feel like shit .I mean why did he have to push the main character on the side . Shit it will take a long time to get over it this

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the comment and yes unfortunately the story wasn’t managed well and the writer forgot all about the main character while focusing more on the side ones.

  11. The main actress shines in her personality of a optimistic , full of empathy with many lovely nature but she was left alone at the end..artistes thumbs up but story lines sharks👎👎👎

  12. When Hyun Soo and Monghee was together I was wondering how Monghee and Yoona’s relationship would be if Yoona end up divorcing Hyun Soo and Monghee marries Hyun Soo. In a sense I was relieved that the twins didn’t end up in a sticky situation. But I still can’t believe they’d cast Monghee aside just like that. It’s like as though Hyun Soo has no feelings for Monghee from the beginning. They were good at showing Yoona’s transition but they failed to do that in Hyun Soo and Monghee’s relationship and it just urks me till the end. Moreover at the final scene when she was walking alone I thought show Monghee meeting her destined partner whether it’s Hyun Soo’s look alike or Chang Sul or maybe some other guy. Sadly that didn’t happen and so I had to find a blog where I can let out my thoughts and I’m so glad I’m not the only one disappointed with the whole storyline. And to learn that it’s probably due to the fact they changes the writer midway. That surely gave me a peace of mind.

  13. prossy · · Reply

    l. think. the best solution is to film another. season. because the end was a bad one

    1. Hahaha that is a great idea~

  14. Nalyn Cuison · · Reply

    I plan to watch this afterwards high society but Iiihhh I don’t want to watch this anymore because spoilers are defiantly correct tho! From the time I watch Korean dramas all ended is up to Ep. 20 only. It’s very long 50 Iihh and then some says it’s just a waste of time it’s a mediocre

    1. Dramas with around 50 episodes or more need time and you need to invest time. However some may not like the story but you may. I say you should give it a try.

      I had may own share of complains regarding this drama however, at the end of the day, it was interesting and I grew attached to the characters. It wasn’t amazing but also not bad.

  15. Which a disappointment that after all that budding friendship and romance, Mong Hee is left alone even though she deserves much more.. I liked this drama because of its homely, but the characters tend to change their thinking so so so fast that it feels like whatever they are saying at any given moment is not true. Actually I’m at ep 27, but reading the ending makes me wanna commit suicide… 27 hours wasted.. I was supporting Mong Hee and Hyun Soo!

    1. The writer was changed so that’s why the change in the characters’ personalities. I think the original ending was for Mong Hee to end up with Hyun Soo.

  16. HaleiwaBabyGirl · · Reply

    I can’t believe the ending *slaps forehead* ….I ended up so attached to the characters and especially shipped Hyun Soo and Mong Hee. Yoona, as scarred as she was found her twin and changed for the better. She should have stepped aside and let Hyun Soo and Mong Hee be together, that part irked me to no end. Writer change be damned. Ugh, 50 hours…….long dramas don’t phase me, I even watch the dailies but this started off so good and ended up such a let down……Oh well, youcan’t win ’em all…….

    1. Yes! The start was so good and the sudden change in plot left me with such a bad aftertaste. At least the characters were lovable. Thanks for the comment~

  17. Nerissa Aboy · · Reply

    Honestly, i just watched this drama because od Park Seo Joon…

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