[Kdrama] ‘Fight For My Way’ ep 9-12 [Breakup already] ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

There were some steamy scenes in episode 9 and 10. But noting over the board. In fact, if the writer were to make a “drunk sex scene then we started noticing our feelings for each other” type of thing then I would’ve dropped this drama all together. Good that it wasn’t the case. For Ae Ra and Dong Man I wanted them to realise the feelings they have in a more natural way. Actually, I wanted Dong Man to notice since Ae Ra….well, he was her first crush. The two are on the border line of being too spicy with their words but also careful not to cross the line. I do like that.

What I want to talk more in this post is about Sul Hee and Joo Man’s relationship. They need to break up! I’m not saying this just because they are annoying, in fact I find them to be cute when they are just the two of them, however seeing how their relationship can easily get affected by the ”environment” it means that they can’t move forward anymore. We keep seeing moments from the beginning of their relationship but they reached a toxic point where neither of them can make things work anymore. The reason I’m saying that it’s a toxic relationship is because both of them are not happy anymore, together. Yes, they do clearly love each other yet love is not the only thing that can make a relationship work. Love, trust and respect need to become a good team so that a relationship can work however right now they lack trust. I feel that they are continuing it just because of the precious moment they had in the beginning. Moreover, there were moments when I thought that Joo Man was seeing the relationship as a burden where Sul Hee was constantly feeling drained.

Things can change, and seeing how they remember the moments from the start of their relationship, both Joo Man and Sul Hee cherish each other and their memories, but at this point they need to put a stop. The way I see it, the two are starting to feel that things are breaking apart but because of their memories, they are afraid to put it in words that they should break up.

Sul Hee puts herself down in favour of Joo Man. She completely ignores herself and gets dragged around by his family that doesn’t accept nor respect her. Maybe with this she is trying to hang onto the last string of their relationship? I don’t know but as a viewer it’s quite sad to see her like that and at the same time I find her to be pitiful and annoying, because again she puts all of her attention on to Joo Man. On the other hand, he is so gullible and nice thus always pushed around. To put it simple, both are two pushovers. My main annoyance with Joo Man was the fact that he kept pushing away the moment to tell the junior from work that he has a girlfriend. For what reason was he dragging that part? The junior does remember him of Sul Hee from the past therefore we are going back at them “cherishing the past”.

Maybe some may think that Sul Hee and Joo Man are just having small problems that can be easily talked out, but from the way I see it their relationship reached a dead point. Breaking up doesn’t mean the end, however given the long period of time they were together, it might be hard for them to let go and I understand that. Hopefully the writer won’t keep the relationship going, it’s not doing any good for neither of them, at least from an emotional point of view.

Also, normally I don’t like people who get between a couple but that junior was right in so many ways. The fact that Joo Man can be swayed and pushed around by her shows that he and Sul Hee are having problems. Can those problems be corrected? No. Him finally telling people at work that he is dating Sul Hee was more because of guilt towards her and on impulse. Sul Hee is dear to him, but if this relationship continues because she has a dream to become his wife and he feels guilty towards their memories then there’s no point in fixing something that should be put aside.

There was this quote I saw in a Thai drama recently:

“The reason we go back to the old path might just be that’s we’re scared of a potentially better opportunity.”(Thanks to Part Time Subbers).

I feel that this represents Sul Hee quite a lot. Maybe there is a better future for her, with someone else. I liked seeing her in episode 12 finally breaking away. It was more like she finally did something for herself, she wanted to get away from what was hurting her. It was a moment of growth for Sul Hee and it required a lot of courage to finally put into words the feelings that hurt her. I really liked her, especially in the scene with the intern where she splashed the glass of water onto the other girl. I also liked that she voiced her feelings towards the girl and Joo Man’s “betrayal”.


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