[Jdrama] ‘Million Yen Women’ ~ 1-12 END review/impression/opinion~

‘Million Yen women’ it’s a drama that tries to freak you out, makes you fall in love with its characters and then tosses you around.

Mishima Shin is a novelist with a small number of readers who wishes to see his work being read by more people. Does he want to sell more? No, he just wants people to read his works. He finds joy in writing and seeing people enjoy his novels makes him gain confidence. One day, he starts living with 5 women. Each one of them pay one million yen rent to Shin every month.

Despite Noda being my favourite singer, I feared that his acting might not be good enough for a show moreover for a show where he is the main lead in. Strangely enough, I liked his awkwardness as Shin. The acting wasn’t particularly good but not bad, however the directing did help him a lot. Not just him but the directing and editing managed to build a mysterious vibe around all the characters although some could be seen more open to the viewers.

The five women give a spicy taste to the drama. All have different personalities and even if some may seem stronger than others, they all have something in common. All are frail but strong willed.

Maybe it’s thanks to the short episodes or, in a weird way, the easy to digest story, despite the darkish mood, I finished the drama relatively fast.  Even so, I’m going to be honest about the story. It isn’t that attractive purely because it looks plain when you read the plot. The acting also wasn’t something out of the ordinary, in fact, if it wasn’t for the directing, I would’ve found the acting of all the actors to be quite dull.  But all in all, I can’t pinpoint if there was something unsatisfactory about the drama overall.

Million Yen Women is an intriguing drama that makes you question small details and emotions without letting your brain die as you watch.  A surprisingly good drama, it’s not a show that could seem promising at first, or at least that’s what I think. But when you watch the first episode, you want to see and find out more. A subtle drama with vast characters that help the story unfold interesting emotions therefore go an watch it.


  1. I was so surprised by how much I liked the story. I didn’t think I would find it so engaging. Not a great drama but a good watch

    1. Indeed, it’s a show that can surprise you how good it is XD

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