[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 36 (BONUS Lee Hwi Jae’s twins)

This is episode 69 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Early in the morning Il Gook does the airplane pose with Min Guk as Man Se crawls on his father’s belly. After finally waking up, the father takes them to the living room where he wants to teach the boys how to dress themselves and the first one is Man Se to try getting dress by himself and while putting his panties, the boy tell his father that he shouldn’t poop because his panties will get dirty (probably the other two followed but the PD cut their part and showed only Man Se’s). Man Se makes his father proud after getting dressed and before getting his pants on, Il Gook teaches his youngest son that if he wants to pee then he should say (he is trying to make the boy give up on their diapers).

After they get dresses, Min Guk and Dae Han hide under the blankets but shortly Man Se attracts the attention as he shouts out that he pooped. Since just a few minutes ago, Il Gook told his son to say whenever he wants to pee, he falls on the floor laughing after hearing that Man Se pooped in his freshly changed panties. After finally catching Man Se who was hiding under the slide from their bedroom, Il Gook takes him into the bathroom to wash him. However when he finished washing Man Se, the boy starts peeing on the bathroom’s floor. Then Il Gook explains it clear to his youngest that he should say not only when he pees but when he poops as well.

Later, while Il Gook prepares the breakfast, Man Se starts mumbling a song but because it sounded weird, Min Guk also starts singing.

Afterwards the triplets help their father clean the living room’s floor but because only Dae Han was using the vacuum cleaner Man Se tells his father that he also wants it. So they won’t fight, Il Gook lets Dae Han use it first and then gives it to Man Se.

Since Lee Hwi Jae’s twins and the triples are born a day apart (and a year) the two fathers decided to spend their children’s birthday together. Before meeting up, the two fathers call each other and while talking Hwi Jae does the same joke that he used to do when they first meet (the one with “it isn’t fun) and Min Guk remembers to Hwi Jae’s surprise.

In the car, on their way to visit the triplets, Min Guk thinks that Seo Joon and Seo Uhn’s names are “Seo Joon and Seo Joon” and although Il Gook wants to correct him, Min Guk says that he is right.

The twins and triplets meet again and Seo Joon together with Seo Uhn jump around at the sight of their guests. On the other hand, the first thing that attracts the triplets in the new house are the kids books. Yet, Min Guk wants to make sure that there are no dogs in uncle’s house and asks his father, luckily for the boy, Hwi Jae doesn’t have any dogs.

While everyone was busy with other things, at some point they hear Seo Joon screaming – he was between the sofa and the window space but he didn’t knew how to get out of there so at Il Gook’s request Man Se and Dae Han help him.

Hwi Jae serves everyone with some drinks and Seo Uhn seems happy giving cheers with Man Se. Then Hwi Jae asks Min Guk if he remembers him and the boy says ‘it isn’t fun’. The conversation flows and Hwi Jae tells Man Se that outside their building there are dinosaurs that say “it isn’t fun’. The gagman starts entertaining the triplets and Min Guk seems to enjoy the jokes the most.

Next, Hwi Jae takes out some cards and tells the children that if they guess the words then he will give out presents. The first to answer is Seo Joon who guesses the word “rice cake”(in Korean it’s one word “tteok”), Min Guk follows and guesses the most words but Dae Han guesses the word dinosaur after that he even does the dinosaurs walk to show uncle. On the other hand Man Se guesses Ariel and according to Il Gook his youngest son loves the mermaid a lot because we even see him kissing the card that had Ariel’s picture on it. The guessing games continues but at some point when Man Se wants to take back his Ariel card from Min Guk but the two start fighting and Il Gook takes them into the bedroom. The boys take two chairs and then their father scolds them inside the room saying that they should fight. Both listen to their father and in the interview, Il Gook says that he wants to teach the boys that even if they are outside or at someone else’s house then things like fighting is prohibited (as it is at home).

Meanwhile, Dae Han and Seo Uhn get into a small argument ending up with the dinosaur card being torn apart but uncle Hwi Jae saves the day and glues the card back telling Dae Han that the dinosaur was a little hurt but now he is okay. Dae Han thanks uncle and goes back to play.

At the same time, Man Se and Min Guk’s punishment ends with a hug and they all return to the living room. The fathers discus what to give the children for lunch and while Hwi Jae cooks, Il Gook starts playing on the side with the 5 children. Yet things don’t go too well because Hwi Jae almost put the house on fire with his cooking skills as for Il Gook, he wants to make Min Guk stay away from the stove but because he wasn’t listening, the father tells him to touch it and of course the boy refuses.

Luckily the food is made without major events ….like burning the house and the children enjoy their lunch. Still, Il Gook who was also starving looks at the children eating and eventually Hwi Jae asks him if he wants to eat something. After getting some japchae, Il Gook shows what it truly means to eat since he ends up eating all the remaining japchae.

As for the children, Seo Joon takes some of the noodles from Man Se’s bowl and although he is upset seeing the younger friend taking his food in the end Man Se gives some of his food to Seo Joon.

The 5 children are put to sleep and after some time, Dae Han wakes up but starts playing alone since the two fathers talk about their own problems like losing weight and giving up smoking.

When the other children wake up as well, Il Gook and Hwi Jae take them out for a ride. As they were getting reading and after giving Seo Joon his helmet, Man Se starts singing the happy birthday song for him and his older two brothers.

The episode ends with the children being marveled at the helicam that was following them around the park.

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