[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 15 ~recap/review/opinion~

Before jumping into my recap, I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you! Have a wonderful day!

Episode 15 picks up from the ending of episode 14 where 2 drunken men come to disturb to quality time of our former inmates. The two ask for the land rent (for the place where Soo In parked her truck, although she already received permission from the landowner), but the women don’t let themselves be stomped by the two drunkards and they all jump to chase them away.

On their way back, Bok Nyeo worries about her daughters that may be in danger working outside, she also tells Soo In that if Do Hyun was alive she wouldn’t have to suffer in cold weather. At home, Yi Moon waits for Bok Nyeo to return, then Woo Seok appears and lies to his father in law that he felt a little sick so he wanted to take a walk outside. When the women arrive, Woo Seok wants to step near the truck (to welcome them) but Yi Moon stops him and asks if he wasn’t going to take a walk since he was sick (probably Yi Moon senses something). Woo Seok sees Yi Moon helping Bok Nyeo to step down of the car and he decides to do the same for Soo In but she refuses him.

Soo In tells Woo Seok that Mi Oh and Poong Geum will work with her from the next day, but without noticing he says with a loud voice that he will be uncomfortable going to visit her from now on. Not understanding what he wanted to say, Soo In tells him that he shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with the other two since they are all members of the same family. Later the two ‘fight’ about whom to wash the dishes – Bok Nyeo sees them but doesn’t interfere and just leaves smiling.

Tae San finds out from Joo Ran that Woo Seok likes Soo In that’s why Joo Hee acts all sad lately. Poong Geum sees Do Jin waiting in front of their house but he leaves the moment she says his name.

Mr Tak wants to find out where Poong Geum has been for the past 2 years if she wasn’t in America. Of course he doesn’t find anything because they end up fighting once again.

After putting Byeol to sleep, Woo Seok remembers the meeting he had with Tae San and Joo Hee, also he remembers when Joo Hee asked him if he has another woman in his heart. Later he watched over Soo In who was preparing her bread for the next day.

A new day starts and while preparing to open their shop, Poong Geum tells Mi Oh and Soo In that Do Jin was at their door a night before. Because Poong Geum kept asking questions about who the father of Kang Dang is, eventually she figures out that Do Jin is the real father but Soo In asks her to keep it a secret.

First thing in the morning Joo Hee goes to Woo Seok to ask him if he has another woman in his heart and if she knows her. Woo Seok admits that he has a woman he loves more than that it’s someone she knows, he continues confessing that just recently he realized his feelings for that woman and apologizes to Joo Hee for nor responding to her feelings all this time.

Joo Ran has a new plan to kick Soo In out of her land after she sees one of her employees sick. She makes the employee buy something from Soo In but Poong Geum sees the woman acting sickly. The girl rushes to Joo Ran’s car and gives her the sandwiches.

Bo Kyung’s mother tells Aeng Ran that they are ready to transfer their shares to Do Jin the moment he marries her daughter. Hearing this, Aeng Ran is floating on clouds of happiness.

Do Jin goes to find Mi Oh at the coffee shop she used to work at, however he doesn’t find her there. On the other hand, Bo Kyung appears and she keeps talking about her wedding dress. Do Jin gets angry and asks Bo Kyung if she never disobeyed her parents, yet the girl says that she did it once but refuses to say what she did then or why.

Aeng Ran sees Do Hyun’s mother looking at some pictures and thinking that the woman’s head may be clear this time, she asks if Jin Woo’s mother (Bok Nyeo) left something with her before leaving far away, but sadly the woman didn’t had her memories back. Because she gets scared, Aeng Ran comforts her to calm down.

Tae San asks Joo Ran’s husband where and how Soo In and Woo Seok got to meet each other. After talking with Tae San, Joo Ran’s husband meets up with Woo Seok and apologizes for misunderstanding him, thinking that he approached Joo Hee for her money. Woo Seok doesn’t understand what he tries to say and he just leaves the guy talking.

Do Jin calls Mi Oh and asks her to meet up. Mi Oh does meet up with him but asks Do Jin to stop bothering her, however she is surprised when he asks that they should try once more to be together saying that this time he will do everything to protect her. Yet she doesn’t want to get fooled again and refuses any kind of reconciliation since he will never disobey his mother.

Poong Geum goes around promoting their truck store and she succeeds by using her beauty. But Mr Tak sees her from afar. On her way back to the truck, Mr Tak stops her and again they fight however this time while fighting, she falls over him.

Soo In is popular among the male customers – exactly when Woo Seok comes. One of the guys asks her for a date since she is his ideal type but Woo Seok start coughing. The other men around (the other guy’s colleagues) start asking to give him a chance. As they were leaving, Woo Seok tells Soo In that she should’ve stopped them. Since Soo In says that she is okay with what the customers say, Woo Seok asks her for a movie date as well. From afar Poong Geum sees them and starts sensing that something is growing between the two.

Joo Ran tells her younger sister that she will take care of Soo In. Meanwhile Aeng Ran finds out that Soo In and Mi Oh live in Woo Seok’s house. When Tae San comes back home, Aneg Ran asks him if she should set a blind date for Joo Hee with a man (actually Aeng Ran is pretty happy that Woo Seok likes someone else).

Back at home, Poong Geum calls Yi Moon father but Bok Nyeo acts all flustered when the man appears and starts joking with Poong Geum about a possible wedding between him and Bok Nyeo. On the other hand, Woo Seok and Soo In are acting awkward with each other as they barely look in each other’s eyes. Later that night, Woo Seok apologizes for being rude to her in the afternoon but Soo In tells him that he doesn’t have anything to feel sorry for. He goes on saying that in the afternoon, seeing those men around her, he felt as if his “friend” was being taken away from him. Soo In jokes with him saying that he is pretty childish for a grown up man but she also says that to her he is on another level than the customers so he shouldn’t feel sad. However Woo Seok doesn’t feel any better since she kinda treats him like a child.

Soo In is called to the Food Sanitation Act – there Soo In is informed that someone complained about food poisoning. Poong Geum starts thinking that someone is trying to sabotage them and exactly when they were talking about that possibility, Joo Ran appears and tells all of them that her employee got sick after eating from their food truck. Poong Geum gets angry and she starts threatening Joo Ran saying that they are all former inmates so she shouldn’t dare to ‘play’ with them.

The 4 woman now know that Joo Ran set them up so they go and steal the employees phone to find some evidence. Aftrer finding clear evidence, the 4 go to the Ma residence where they meet up with Tae San and Aeng Ran.



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    1. Thank you~
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