[Kdrama] ‘Nice Guy/Innocent Man’ episode 1-3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Not a recap, more like a small review/opinion.

Yesterday, I started to watch ‘Nice Guy’, although, until now I got to see only 3 episodes, I’ve made an overall opinion about it. (Going to watch it until episode 8 tomorrow)

To be honest, I started to watch this drama because people on tumblr and also some drama blogs that I normally read were making a big fuss over ‘Nice Guy’. Now I regret it! Not because I don’t like the drama it’s because I actually like it and now I have to wait every week for the next episode ….

First of all, I have a feeling that ‘Nice Guy’ will have a sad/tearful/heartbreaking ending –  the writer is Lee Kyeong Hee aka (in my book) “OMG their going to die in the last episode” or “Crying my eyes out after watching the last episode” – if you don’t know what I mean , this writer was also the writer for “A love to kill”, “Sorry, I love you”, “Will it snow for Christmas?” and “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School!” – Those who watched any of these dramas will understand me. Wonder how they will die in this drama, freezing was already used, hit by a car as well and poisoning was also used.

Anyway, what I hate the most about this drama, Maroo leaving his sick sister and going to save/help Han Jae Hee – no matter how much he loved Jae Hee, from my opinion Maroo should’ve stayed with his sister.  Still he is my favorite character out of this drama; 1 because Song Jongki’s acting is awesome and 2 because I have an emotional attachment for the name Maroo (oppa) *cough* Can you hear my heart *cough*.

So far, Seo Eun Gi seems like a brat to me….a rich brat. Although I like her being rather tough – let’s hope until the end she won’t transform into a sissy girl like most main girls in Korean dramas – but somehow she still annoys me, maybe it’s because of Moon Chae Won’s excessive/fakeish acting. Also, is it just me or did she lost weight….?

The character that Park Si Yeon plays, Han Jae Hee, at first I felt sorry for her, at some point I actually was annoyed by Seo Eun Gi for treating her so bad, but as the show progressed my position changed – feeling sorry for Eun Gi and getting annoyed by Jae Hee.

A nice surprise for me was the girl who plays as Maroo’s younger sister – she seems a pretty good actress, let’s hope we’ll see her in other projects as well.


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  1. this drama is just so good 🙂

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