I’m disappointed in ’One more happy ending’. Actually not really disappointed, because I never looked forward to this drama but rather upset that is a flat drama, with no substance and zero chemistry. The story was originally flat, that was my impression since before it started airing. Even so I was expecting to see something good considering that the main actors are Jung Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho.

The story of the main couple is turning predictable, it was like so since the beginning but now it got boring and I shamelessly fast forwarded most of their scenes. Everything about the 3 main people is flat and boring, no chemistry.  The writer is turning them to be so pitiful that it irritates me to watch them more than 4 minutes per episode.

Mi Mo is hurt that Hae Joon didn’t gave her his ‘whole heart’ but she never opens up to him. This is not a relationship that will work, we all know it, but I feel that the writer and the viewers are totally blaming him when she is equally at fault for their relationship.

The main idea is that both have no idea what’s important in their relationship and more than that it didn’t start out of love/like but rather just a mere interest or curiosity. Mi Mo confessed to him on the spur of the moment while he was charmed by her ever since her idol days.

On the other hand, I still like Mi Mo’s other 3 friends and I wished to see them more. I like their stories but we will just see a random enclosure later, near the end of the drama, when it would’ve been better to see them have a development. If we look at Da Jung and her husband, their relationship is still strong just that both don’t know it while Mi Mo and Hae Joon don’t have that maturity to fight for their relationship to work out. They aren’t looking at what isn’t working but more like the two are focused on what is upsetting them.

A little bit and the show will end but I’m questioning if the writer has an idea of how the story should end for every character. It was burdensome that she presented so many characters but failed to give them time to develop.

Dong Mi was used for the comical relief of the show. She was the humorous characters that released the tension of the plot. Ae Ran was really interesting as a character but was bluntly ignored. She was a woman who questioned her choice; is Dong Bae someone she should build a future with, is he the right choice to make a family with? In episode 10, they clearly had many things to talk about. He felt played with, she felt cheated but the writer gave this couple 3 seconds to resolve everything.

From my point of view, ‘One more happy ending’ deserves its low ratings.

Random note: Ahn Hyo Seop is handsome!

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